Logan Brophy
Vestis facit virum
Mon Sep 16, 2013 15:56

When he was in Boston, Logan had two and a half very eager personal shoppers. Celeste could pull anything off a rack, regardless of color or style or pattern, and put it together in an outfit that somehow looked cool. Lia was more selective and, if he was being honest, more predictable. She liked to layer clothes, and had a particular fondness for jackets that Logan couldn’t afford. John, for all his flamboyance when it came to actual theater, would only ever select one outfit for Logan to try on, which was invariably attractive and well-fitting.

In Boulder, things were different, and Logan entered the clothing shop on Pearl Street alone. RMI had a dance coming up and he didn’t have anything he especially wanted to wear. He also didn’t have a date, but that wasn’t a problem. Logan just liked dances, even if he couldn’t import his girlfriend from Massachusetts for them. He knew that when Lia was at RMI, they’d had a dance on Pearl Street where the students could invite Muggle guests. When Logan was SGA president, maybe he would try to resurrect the event.

Things with Savannah were going well, thank you very much. The letters still came as quickly as they had in September, and the couple had spent a few days together over Christmas break. It snowed beautifully in New England, and they’d taken long winter walks in white parks. Logan was the first to admit that it wasn’t much, but it was better than nothing.

The latest news said Savannah and her doctor were trying to see if she was a candidate for a cochlear implant. Logan hoped she was. He’d love to play his harp for her.

Logan pulled two button-down shirts off the rack and compared them. One was pale red (well, pink), with a darker paisley pattern on the inside when he rolled up the sleeves. “Unless you’re at a fancy dinner party or something, always roll up the sleeves. It looks so much cooler,” Celeste had said. The other shirt was black, which, according again to Logan’s primary personal shopper, “Looks good with the whole blond-white-kid thing you have going on.” Logan did not point out that Celeste was a blond white kid who almost never wore black.

He was adamantly opposed to dress robes, and he already had a nice pair of dark blue jeans that he planned to wear to the Shadow Ball. Logan had a sneaking suspicion that they might also need masks. In a school where everyone could probably recognize each other by voice, he thought this was sort of silly, but it could also be fun. He was sure he could just transfigure something in his room into a decent mask—so all he had to take care of was the shirt.

Spotting another student perusing the racks nearby, Logan cleared his throat. Once he had their attention, he alternated holding up each shirt against himself demonstratively. Then he cocked his head, eyebrows raised, and shrugged expectantly, as if to ask which one looked better. No harm in a second opinion.

    • ...say what now?Charline Adler, Mon Sep 23 15:36
      Shopping was a sport Charline had been introduced to at an early age. Like many eager mother’s her own had excelled at playing dressup with the Lyra. She could not recall a time when she hadn’t owned ... more
      • The clothes make the manLogan, Tue Sep 24 10:46
        Logan gave his friend a half-nod of recognition. Well, this made things easier in terms of communication, since she was so good at interpreting signs now. And Charline was always immaculately... more
        • or does the man make the clothes?Charline, Tue Sep 24 17:46
          As was common knowledge Charline adored compliments and so when Logan informed her that her new ensemble was a ‘good luck’ she was obviously thrilled. The Muggle clothing had made her feel self... more
          • I’m no seamstressLogan, Wed Oct 2 20:31
            What do you know, people do change. Or their clothing tastes did, anyway, and if Celeste could be believed, that was very indicative of character. There was a lot of psychology in what people... more
            • and not a tailor either, I suppose? Charline, Wed Oct 16 15:39
              Charline liked the effect Logan’s company had on her. Although her behaviour would never be seen as saintly there was something reassuring about finding someone whose presence didn’t make her squirm... more
              • Nor tinker, soldier, or spyLogan, Fri Oct 18 01:00
                When Logan offered to wait while Charline shopped, he’d expected it would be the same deal he got when Lia and Celeste took him shopping. He followed the girls like a well-trained Basenji, holding... more
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