Alexandra Knight
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Mon Sep 23, 2013 00:45

Despite years of ingrained Muggle loathing, Alexandra had grown to adore Pearl Street. For one thing, it was the least dangerous public place to meet Niccolò. It was entirely possible on their trips here that someone from school could stumble upon them, but the Muggles did not know who they were—who they were supposed to be—and the pressure melted off considerably. Sometimes she even forgot her own name here, with the smell of coffee or pizza wafting down from the building in which it was created. It was peaceful.

After receiving Niccolò’s invitation, the blonde had her time in preparing. She wanted to look beautiful for him, and while that required a bit more makeup than it might have for someone else, she was sufficiently pleased with the result. Niccolò saw her as a goddess, so that was what she had to appear. Her faults were covered with concealers and foundations. With a little help, she could seem perfect.

But yet he knew she was not. It was an odd balance between reality and fiction, between insanity and sanity. Their affair was both the best and worst thing she had ever stumbled into. With Niccolò she felt alive despite the risks of utter shame upon discovery. Alexandra could never let anyone know, especially not her younger sister, the girl who would one day be Niccolò’s wife.

Her heels clacked against the pavement as she stepped out of the bookstore and onto the sidewalk. Blue eyes scanned about for their favorite sight, and it only took a moment before Niccolò was located. An involuntary smile twisted her painted lips, conscious thoughts ceasing, as if when she saw him, he could press a button and shut her down, as if she was a puppet and he held the strings.

“Niccolò,” she breathed. His name in itself was a greeting, one no other simple word could match. It was exciting to speak, and even more so write, carelessly connecting letter after letter, the only unattached marks the dot above the i and the diacritic above the o. It was a special name. There were no others; he was Niccolò I.

Remembering how exactly English worked, she offered a soft, “Hello there, stranger.” The Lyra tried to recall what her life had been like before she met him, but she could not. Nothing before him mattered anymore, or at least not right now. Every memory had its time and place, but the only thing she currently cared about was standing right before. Why reflect on what she already had? “So what is so important as to arrange such a sudden meeting?” Usually there was more planning involved, more caution and strategy. This had to important, the very idea of which was both exhilarating and terrifying, and she both eagerly and dreadfully awaited his answer.

  • Hidden Velvet {Alexandra Knight}Niccolò York, Mon Sep 23 00:20
    After sending her a quick note, asking her to meet him above ground, striding down the cobble stone streets, the approaching spring rain beginning to clear away, Niccolò played with the small, black... more
    • Say what? — Alexandra Knight, Mon Sep 23 00:45
      • I shouldn't have said anything.Niccolò, Mon Sep 23 02:48
        The sun was just about to fade, the last lingering rays of orange light teasing passing shadows of pedestrians that were slinking into the night. The light rain that had coated the better part of the ... more
        • No, please--say it again.Alexandra, Mon Sep 23 23:00
          ”I have to tell you something.” Six words were all it took, and Alexandra was afraid. She felt her temperature drop what felt like a significant amount as panic washed over her. He had to tell her... more
          • ¿Quieres casarte conmigo?Niccolò, Wed Sep 25 21:01
            Their kiss tasted like goodbye, and it might've been their last, and there was a possibility they were about to end right there on Pearl Street, their shadows fading into darkness. Niccolò kept his... more
            • We're speaking different languages now.Alexandra, Sun Sep 29 19:01
              It was everything she thought she wanted to hear, but it only took a moment to realize how real and true and wrong it was. Alexandra was legally promised to someone else, and Niccolò was... more
              • I was speaking the language of love.Niccolò, Thu Oct 3 18:45
                A startled laugh burst from Niccolò's throat, his knee scraping against the pavement as Alexandra wrenched him forward and off the ground, the neck of his shirt bunched up in her tightened fist,... more
                • I don't speak that one.Alexandra, Mon Oct 14 00:12
                  It was over in an instant, her demanding questions, but all at once, she knew what she had done. Alexandra had taken all of the trust and hope and everything else good in her empty shell of a life,... more
                  • Let me teach you.Niccolò, Tue Nov 5 12:34
                    He barely withheld his flinch as Alexandra reached towards him once more, but her touch was suddenly tender, the gentle stroke of pale fingers against his stung cheek, and despite himself Niccolò... more
                    • Firm hands attached to Alexandra’s shoulders and pulled, and romantic words of poetic standards buzzed in her ears, but she refused to look at their source. After outbursts, she had mustered a bit of ... more
                      • You're a terrible student.Niccolò, Wed Nov 6 23:10
                        The night had started off terrifying, so promising, and the scent of hope was a little like gasoline; overwhelming and maybe a little foul, but undeniably powerful and clung to the skin, and if a... more
                        • I guess I've flunked.Alexandra, Fri Nov 8 17:12
                          Niccolò released her, and without realizing it, Alexandra retracted, taking a couple slow steps back as she rubbed the ache out of the shoulder his dominant hand had gripped, the one that hurt more.... more
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