The clothes make the man
Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:46

Logan gave his friend a half-nod of recognition. Well, this made things easier in terms of communication, since she was so good at interpreting signs now. And Charline was always immaculately dressed, so Logan did think he could trust her fashion sense.

That said, he almost hadn’t realized it was her at first. Logan couldn’t remember seeing her in jeans before—or, now that he thought about it, in anything besides dresses and skirts. She looked good. In fact (he tried not to check her out obviously, but it was so different to see her wearing pants), Logan thought it was a better look than her usual chic ensemble. “Jeans are a good look on you,” he told her, after a moment of considering whether or not he should mention it. Girls always liked compliments. John had taught him that the best thing to do was to compliment a girl’s outfit by complimenting the girl, not the outfit. It seemed like a solid principle.

He blushed at her question. “Not soon,” he replied, shifting the position of the hangers so he could do so. It’d be so nice to have Savannah visit Pearl Street. He’d take her ice skating (Logan had never ice skated before, but there was a rink and it seemed romantic) and to the art gallery, and then they could go out to dinner at one of the nicer restaurants (there was this small Italian place where the owner would offer to just bring you food instead of menus, and he always brought something perfect). It would be nice to show his girlfriend around Pearl Street. But she still didn’t know about magic, so it wasn’t like Lia could just bring her up to Colorado, and it was kind of asking a lot for a fifteen-year-old to fly halfway across the country for a date.

It took him a second to notice that Charline had gotten Savannah’s name wrong. That was weird, he thought. He’d definitely talked about Savannah enough that Charline should know her name by now. Logan brushed it off and continued, shirts hung over his forearm to free up his hands. “I’m looking for something for the Shadow Ball. Just something simple—no dress robes.” He had a feeling Charline would be pro-dress robes. “Are you going?” After the disastrous last dance, when Charline had brought both Logan and Reece as her dates, Logan decided going stag would be way easier than trying to ask someone.

You know, you really should try them on, then I would be able to give you a better verdict.” Logan shrugged and nodded. Beckoning Charline to follow, he led the way to the dressing rooms. The fourth-year held up a finger, indicating for her to wait, and stepped inside.

He modeled the pink shirt first, with the sleeves rolled up just below the elbows. Without giving Charline much time to give her opinion, he reentered the dressing room and changed. “What do you think?” he asked, stepping out in the black dress shirt, sleeves again rolled up. He was leaning towards the black, although he thought he could pull off the pink.

  • ...say what now?Charline Adler, Mon Sep 23 15:36
    Shopping was a sport Charline had been introduced to at an early age. Like many eager mother’s her own had excelled at playing dressup with the Lyra. She could not recall a time when she hadn’t owned ... more
    • The clothes make the man — Logan, Tue Sep 24 10:46
      • or does the man make the clothes?Charline, Tue Sep 24 17:46
        As was common knowledge Charline adored compliments and so when Logan informed her that her new ensemble was a ‘good luck’ she was obviously thrilled. The Muggle clothing had made her feel self... more
        • I’m no seamstressLogan, Wed Oct 2 20:31
          What do you know, people do change. Or their clothing tastes did, anyway, and if Celeste could be believed, that was very indicative of character. There was a lot of psychology in what people... more
          • and not a tailor either, I suppose? Charline, Wed Oct 16 15:39
            Charline liked the effect Logan’s company had on her. Although her behaviour would never be seen as saintly there was something reassuring about finding someone whose presence didn’t make her squirm... more
            • Nor tinker, soldier, or spyLogan, Fri Oct 18 01:00
              When Logan offered to wait while Charline shopped, he’d expected it would be the same deal he got when Lia and Celeste took him shopping. He followed the girls like a well-trained Basenji, holding... more
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