or does the man make the clothes?
Tue Sep 24, 2013 17:46

As was common knowledge Charline adored compliments and so when Logan informed her that her new ensemble was a ‘good luck’ she was obviously thrilled. The Muggle clothing had made her feel self conscious and so it was a relief to be reassured by someone like Logan, who she considered to have reasonably good taste for someone, who dressed as a Muggle more often than not. She did not worry about him spreading scandalous gossip that might travel back to reach her Papa’s disgruntled ears. Perhaps, that was the appeal in having friends like Logan and like Reece who did not run in the same circles as her and as a result failed to tarnish her reputation in the same way other purer peers could.

Looking down she examined the article of clothing in question and admitted,“I think they’re growing on me, but you must keep that between us. We can’t have everyone thinking I’m abandoning my principles.” She was only partly joking as the Lyra was not excited by the prospect of sitting down to another disciplinary talk with her Papa. In recent months she had done well to avoid such an awkward meeting and had no intention of ruining her good record so soon.

Logan’s presence succeeded in increasing her good mood and this was only elevated by the revelation that Savannah would not be seeing Logan looking swell in a newly bought shirt. It was easy to ignore the pink colouring of his cheeks as he thought of her and Charline was able to continue without too much disappointment, “It must be hard being so far apart but I’m sure things will look up soon.”

Yes, once he saw the light and the distance between Savannah and Logan grew too great, he might be able to find himself someone more suitable. However, she was beginning to wonder if anyone would ever be good enough for him unless she personally selected the girl. For a moment Charline amused herself by imagining a warped version of the world in which she gave out dating advice and paired up couples. No, certainly not. She was not that sort of girl. All that love nonsense and dribble about being ‘made for each other’ sickened her. Relationships were far from sugar coated and anyone who thought otherwise didn’t live in the real world.

At the mention of the Shadow Ball Charline did blush. Her mind quickly reverted back to the last dance she had attended and she remembered the mistake she had made. It wasn’t one she intended on repeating this time. “Mmmh,” she managed to get out, nodding in the affirmative, in answer to his question. She did not want to talk of it too much in fear of bringing up Reece who, she got the feeling, did not get along very well with Logan. It was a shame really as they were perhaps the two people she was closest to at RMI and maybe even outside of it. She did not have a talent for friendship and counted her blessings at having secured theirs for so long.

Following him towards the dressing room the Adler then waited patiently as he changed. Taking her task seriously, she judged the pink shirt silently, only willing to give praise when she felt it absolutely necessary and appropriate. The exercise did little to change her overall opinion as when he appeared before her in the darker of the two shirts she found herself nodding.

“You look very smart,” and then after a pause for thought she corrected herself, “...very handsome.” Terms such as ‘hot’ made her cringe and as a rule she avoided them. It never made any sense to her either. How could someone looking hot be a good thing?

  • The clothes make the manLogan, Tue Sep 24 10:46
    Logan gave his friend a half-nod of recognition. Well, this made things easier in terms of communication, since she was so good at interpreting signs now. And Charline was always immaculately... more
    • or does the man make the clothes? — Charline, Tue Sep 24 17:46
      • I’m no seamstressLogan, Wed Oct 2 20:31
        What do you know, people do change. Or their clothing tastes did, anyway, and if Celeste could be believed, that was very indicative of character. There was a lot of psychology in what people... more
        • and not a tailor either, I suppose? Charline, Wed Oct 16 15:39
          Charline liked the effect Logan’s company had on her. Although her behaviour would never be seen as saintly there was something reassuring about finding someone whose presence didn’t make her squirm... more
          • Nor tinker, soldier, or spyLogan, Fri Oct 18 01:00
            When Logan offered to wait while Charline shopped, he’d expected it would be the same deal he got when Lia and Celeste took him shopping. He followed the girls like a well-trained Basenji, holding... more
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