I was speaking the language of love.
Thu Oct 3, 2013 18:45

A startled laugh burst from Niccolò's throat, his knee scraping against the pavement as Alexandra wrenched him forward and off the ground, the neck of his shirt bunched up in her tightened fist, nearly choking him. He grinned despite the slight pain, enjoying the sudden roughness, her eyes bright with a storm of emotion he didn't have time to decipher, a ring of fire woven through her hair, a halo cast by the dim lighting of the streetlamp looming from the corner. Sometimes it was easy to forget she was just a witch; Niccolò was enamored with the idea of her being an angel, or a goddess in disguise, turning on his side and watching her sleep, looking for hints of divinity in every beautiful and flawed feature cracked across her face.

The angels will have to wait.

Maybe one day she'd fly back to heaven, but not until she was his wife, and bore his children, and laughed at all his future jokes, and restrained from killing him for all the stupid things he was going to do, and grew old with him, and kept him company until he died, and then they could meet again at the gates, glimpsing her through glints of sunlight streaming through the clouds, a trail of feathers scattered across the impossibly blue skies. Maybe he could call out, or be buried with a lasso, and try and rope her in again, charming her and chasing her and learning the steps to their own peculiar dance all over again. At least now he knew it had a happy ending.

Besides, I bet you always wanted me.

Niccolò parted his lips - something clever, almost like a tease, the tension broken in his chest now that she had practically agreed - but suddenly her face was shoved against his own and he could only react with his own eager fervor, closing his eyes and swallowing the laughter trickling down his throat, the two of them stumbling further into the light, shadows spilling across the sidewalk, and for once Niccolò didn't mind giving up on his words, he didn't need them. It was rougher than usual, but he could tell this was her saying yes, this was her saying i love you, and this was her agreeing to be his wife.

He placed his hands on her waist, his fingers bunching fabric and massaging the soft skin hidden just beneath. The future of his family would be born between those thighs, and balanced upon those hips, feeding and suckling and stealing her attention away from him, and most of Niccolò couldn't wait - but until then it was just them, and she was his, and he didn't have to share her with anyone, the world was fading away the deeper he sunk into her kiss.


But then delirium exploded like a popped vein inside his heart, pumping exhilaration into every crevice of his body and he felt as if he was being inflated, and as if he were about to faint or float away, feeling light headed but grounded to the pavement they were standing on, stepping even closer until her heart beat against his chest, and threading his fingers through her golden hair, his family's ring cushioned against her skull, and he was kissing as hard as he could because she needed to know - and now he could show her every day - how much he loved her, and how grateful he was that she felt the same way.

Alexandra Knight loves me! Alexandra Knight loves Niccolò!

He was laughing again, a soft roll of chuckles that warmed his throat, pulling away only to place tender kisses against her cheek and the base of her neck, his thumb brushing away the tears of happiness that streaked across her flushed skin. He couldn't believe how easy this was; how easy to love her and be loved in return. It felt amazing, and they could have been this way much earlier had he only gotten up the nerve to declare his feelings before. But it didn't matter now, they had the rest of their lives to make up for lost time. He didn't quite have a plan worked out yet in his head, but he felt amazing and he felt impossibly strong with her by his side, like nothing could knock them down.

"I knew it." He whispered, his entire face shining with happiness. "Alexandra, I knew yooomph!" Her palm struck against the side of his jaw and frozen grin, olive skin flushed in hues of pink and red, dazed dark eyes blinking slowly but increasing in tempo, his lip already bruised from her forceful kiss and earlier when he'd been chewing on it. His grin didn't quite fade, only sinking deeper into his skin, clear confusion tearing through his face, struggling to comprehend what was happening. Alexandra was shouting at him.

"Why do you have to do that?!"

For a moment, he was back in time with another pretty, blonde, pureblooded girl on Pearl Street who felt his face was her fist's playground, and Niccolò felt truly pissed off for a moment, his brow creased and his lips struggling between a frown and a wince, pained by his stung cheek. But then there were tears - not the joyful kind - his girl was crying - and Niccolò continued struggling to figure out what in hell was going on. His lips still felt the brunt force of her kiss, and his family's ring was digging into his palm, safely enclosed inside his fist, leaving a shadow imprint. He felt pulled in several different directions, most of him still teetering on the edge of delirium and happiness, but there was something cold like frozen fingers clawing at the air just behind him.

Niccolò watched crimson lips move with wild motions, forcing himself to slow them down inside his mind, replaying and repeating like photographs flipped back and forth between his fingers. What are you telling me? He tried to make his own lips move, and maybe they did, he couldn't feel them, and there was no breath left in his lungs. What are you saying? I don't understand. I can't even hear you. Stop talking, whatever it is, just stop. And suddenly she did, standing opposite him and looking up, but somehow she had grown taller, looming over him, like mountains pressing down on rocks, and to her he was nothing but a little boy with a stupid crush.

Niccolò turned from Alexandra, a shudder running through his body, waves of panic churning acid in his gut and splashing against the sides of his lungs. His fist tightened around the ring, the sharp points and edges digging deeper into his palm, raising his other hand to his face and fiercely gripping his brow, struggling to control his reaction. No. No. No. No. No. His nostrils flared, everything inside felt cold but his skin was enflamed and he was such an idiot for everything he'd thought about her and hoped for them to be and for thinking they ever stood a chance - but why not? What was really stopping them? He loved her and love was enough.

But she doesn't love you. Within the hidden, darkest crevice of his mind, something slimy and reeking of sewage and disappointment and hatred and frustration and hints of brimstone and fire crawled out of the cracks and slithered to the forefront of his consciousness. Alexandra Knight doesn't love you. It began to mock him, a sing song voice that licked at his ears and chewed on his earlobe and smelled of roses and strawberries and the sickly sweet taste of vanilla. Alexandra Knight doesn't love Niccolò.

Niccolò gritted his teeth, trying to fight the truth, but when he looked up and turned around, it was standing there just before him, painted in cosmetics and tears. "You don't love me." Something sharp pierced his throat, and Niccolò was able to breathe again, sand filling up his lungs and through the blistering grains he was able to speak and form words. "That's... that's all you have to say, and I can walk away. Don't spare my feelings now, just tell me that you don't so I know not to try again or waste the rest of my life hoping that you'll... hoping something stupid."

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