and not a tailor either, I suppose?
Wed Oct 16, 2013 15:39

Charline liked the effect Logan’s company had on her. Although her behaviour would never be seen as saintly there was something reassuring about finding someone whose presence didn’t make her squirm with discomfort. It helped that as the conversation went on it became easier to forget about Savannah. The faceless figure who taunted her on a daily basis was miles away and therefore slipped from her mind with a surprising amount of ease. It was enough that for now Logan was hers again.

She was glad he did not pursue the topic of the Shadow Ball. The thought of the event made her face grow warm and she became jittery. Charline’s feelings confused her as often as the weather changed. However nothing compared to how she felt about certain boys. When she had been younger the Lyra had envisioned herself being forever alone and that phase when girls thought boys were yucky was not one she had wanted to grow out of. Although however much she may want to deny it Charline was growing up and this didn’t just mean she was getting taller.

She waited patiently as Logan changed and cast her eyes around the store taking the time to study some individuals. They were not as scary as she had once thought and the memory of her interrogation of Reece that first day and obsession with pitchforks now made her cringe inwardly. She had decided that learning more about Muggle life could only benefit her. If it came to it she would sell it to her Papa as a sort of ‘getting to know the enemy’ plan. He’d probably only snort with amusement and let her get on with the ‘crazy’ scheme. She was watching a mother, juggling three shopping bags, and son rush out the door when Logan materialized beside her.

“Did you have anything you want to try on?”

She was surprised by his enthusiasm. As much as Benjamin enjoyed throwing on various items of clothing (which were guaranteed to clashed horribly) he never had much patience for the art of shopping itself. There was always something more interesting that caught his attention and before you knew it the boy was off around the corner destined to find himself hopelessly lost.

For a moment she considered his proposal before nodding and saying, “Since you are as close to an expert as I’m going to get, your help would be very much appreciated, you know much more about their fashion than I do.”

Charline assumed that just as in the Wizarding world somethings were considered more fashionable, more vital than others. She would hate to think there was a ‘must have’ item of clothing she didn’t possess. “What sort of things would a Muggle girl wear,” she paused and then forced herself to continue, “what would Savan-mantha wear?”

  • I’m no seamstressLogan, Wed Oct 2 20:31
    What do you know, people do change. Or their clothing tastes did, anyway, and if Celeste could be believed, that was very indicative of character. There was a lot of psychology in what people... more
    • and not a tailor either, I suppose? — Charline, Wed Oct 16 15:39
      • Nor tinker, soldier, or spyLogan, Fri Oct 18 01:00
        When Logan offered to wait while Charline shopped, he’d expected it would be the same deal he got when Lia and Celeste took him shopping. He followed the girls like a well-trained Basenji, holding... more
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