Nor tinker, soldier, or spy
Fri Oct 18, 2013 01:00

When Logan offered to wait while Charline shopped, he’d expected it would be the same deal he got when Lia and Celeste took him shopping. He followed the girls like a well-trained Basenji, holding their bags and imminent purchases. Occasionally they took the time to dress him up like their own personal Ken doll, and—even less frequently—they asked for his perspective on their outfits. They said he had good taste.

He doubted Charline had the same taste as Lia and Celeste. Logan considered his sister and honorary sister’s usual outfits and decided Charline would definitely not approve of their style. He’d just choose things for her that Savannah would wear, then.

And speaking of his girlfriend, the name-switching was becoming inexcusable. He knew that Charline knew Savannah’s name by now—and she had to know that he knew that she knew—so he wasn’t sure why she was pretending not to. At best, she was being flippant; at worst, petty or childish or jealous.

Well, probably not jealous. Charline was too dismissive of Savannah to envy her.

“Turquoise is popular right now,” Logan explained, remembering his Celeste’s fashion lessons and Savannah’s latest nail polish color. He pulled a few pale blue-green blouses from the rack, only contemplating size for a moment before he decided to stick with smalls. Guessing too big was a faux pas, and Charline would correct him if necessary. Logan didn’t think he was wrong (John was teaching him how to guess girls’ bra sizes, which was apparently a skill he thought was worth passing down, and the principle seemed similar), but in case he was… well, better not to offend.

On principle, Logan avoided clearance items, assuming that Charline cared very little about saving money. “These are dressy casual. They’d look nice with something like this.” He grabbed a swishy tan skirt, checking its length to make sure Charline wouldn’t object, and passed it to her. Savannah probably wouldn’t pick this color combination—she’d pick a magenta skirt or something—but Charline seemed a bit more conservative. “For casual…” Logan grabbed a white babydoll tee with shiny gold chevrons printed on it. “Something like this, with jeans and maybe a jacket.”

He’d be really impressed if Charline put on the black leather jacket he picked out for her. It’d be a good look, and black leather jackets, he explained, were always in style. “We can do shoes next. Muggle girls really like their shoes—I don’t know if that’s the same for witches.” Logan couldn’t guess shoe size by sight, but Celeste emphasized the importance of shoes for tying an outfit together, and Lia owned about sixteen pairs of heels alone.

  • and not a tailor either, I suppose? Charline, Wed Oct 16 15:39
    Charline liked the effect Logan’s company had on her. Although her behaviour would never be seen as saintly there was something reassuring about finding someone whose presence didn’t make her squirm... more
    • Nor tinker, soldier, or spy — Logan, Fri Oct 18 01:00
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