Somehow, I begin to doubt your teaching abilities.
Tue Nov 5, 2013 23:28

Firm hands attached to Alexandra’s shoulders and pulled, and romantic words of poetic standards buzzed in her ears, but she refused to look at their source. After outbursts, she had mustered a bit of self-control, and thus her tone had kept cold and distant. She needed to remain that way, and she would simply not allow the burning passion in Niccolo’s dark eyes to steal this from her. He had taken so much already, but she had also given.

And it was her fault as much as his. She had fallen as much as she had, but the Lyra and Draco differed in one key way. He said he loved her more than anything, his family or their society, but Alexandra had never even dared think of love in terms of comparison. She supposed, perhaps, she did love him more than all that, but engrained loyalty superseded childish affection. She loved Niccolo, but her father was the only man to whom she could ever truly be loyal.

Tell me you don’t love me.” His grip tightened, perhaps beyond his recognition, and flames ignited in her shoulders. The blonde bit her lip to keep from crying out, tears of emotional and physical pain devastating her walls. “Tell me I can’t make you happy, because if you don’t then I can’t go away, and I can’t forget you, and I’ll spend my life chasing after you.” She risked it all--she was always a fool--and stole a glance with intent to quickly turn away.

But her blue eyes stayed, and through blurred vision, she saw what she had done to him. Niccolo had been so proud and so perfect, and now he was this. Tears were clear on his face as on her own, and she saw something familiar and raw in him, something she had seen but never with him, only in her reflection. Alexandra knew she was watching him break, and this darkness in his already near-black eyes was vulnerability, coupled perhaps with a spark of madness, if his vicegrip on her aching shoulders was anything by which to measure.

His voice was rough and abnormal now, and , eyes widened, she felt a new sort of panic. In that moment, she began to fear for her own well-being; the seventeen year old recalled from experience what crazy things one might do for love. History was full of crimes of the heart, of murders for love. Who knew what Niccolo could do? “N-Niccolo, my shoulders,” she barely choked out a moment after his seemingly ceaseless words had finally stopped flowing. Then, with more volume: “You’re hurting me!”

  • Let me teach you.Niccolò, Tue Nov 5 12:34
    He barely withheld his flinch as Alexandra reached towards him once more, but her touch was suddenly tender, the gentle stroke of pale fingers against his stung cheek, and despite himself Niccolò... more
    • Somehow, I begin to doubt your teaching abilities. — Alexandra, Tue Nov 5 23:28
      • You're a terrible student.Niccolò, Wed Nov 6 23:10
        The night had started off terrifying, so promising, and the scent of hope was a little like gasoline; overwhelming and maybe a little foul, but undeniably powerful and clung to the skin, and if a... more
        • I guess I've flunked.Alexandra, Fri Nov 8 17:12
          Niccolò released her, and without realizing it, Alexandra retracted, taking a couple slow steps back as she rubbed the ache out of the shoulder his dominant hand had gripped, the one that hurt more.... more
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