You're a terrible student.
Wed Nov 6, 2013 23:10

The night had started off terrifying, so promising, and the scent of hope was a little like gasoline; overwhelming and maybe a little foul, but undeniably powerful and clung to the skin, and if a match was lit, a ferocious raw force that when enflamed was not invulnerable but difficult to douse out. Niccolò stood on the edge of shadows and amber light, every inch of him burning, ignoring the rush of noise sweeping through the muggle streets, or the dull thud of a black jewel hitting the pavement, rolling off the edge of the curve. Alexandra was before him, but the darkness was threatening to swallow her whole, and he tried to fasten her to the intangible fantasy of them together, happy together, specific details woven into the hazy tapestry, a blurred waterfall of answers to irrelevant questions - where would they live, what would they do, what would their family think?

Crimson paint was smeared across Alexandra’s lips, plump flesh ripped and torn by his own desperate passion. Niccolò watched them part, in preparation of saying words he wanted to hear or couldn’t bare - but either way would be an ending to this moment, and either way would set him free. Keep me… reject me… tell me yes, or tell me no… He just needed an answer, his arms tensed, his body stiffened against a rising wind, fingers deepening into paler flesh, anchoring himself to someone who couldn’t keep him steady. Her lips fully parted but he almost missed the words, his brow creased, blinking out salt from his eyes.

“You’re hurting me!”

Niccolò let go immediately, his fingers scorched from her shout, astonished by the terror flashing in her eyes, not quite understanding how he could have been the cause of it. “I didn’t mean - I would never - you know I would never - ”

His brain was slow to catch up with his words, but when it did he fell silent, stepping back across the line of shadow and light, his head bent as if in prayer, his gaze curtained by a sweep of dark curls. His hands curled into fists, dropping to his sides, and Niccolò immediately forced himself into a stiff, formal bow of apology. I would never hurt you… I would never hurt you… I will never hurt you again. He straightened up, a rough swipe of his arm against his face, clearing the spray of salt off his cheeks.

"Alexandra," Niccolò closed his eyes, sucking in breath, sharp gusts of cold night air that pierced the base of his throat, “Alexandra, I… I have nothing else. I don’t know what you want from me. I know what I want. I love you, and I want to be with you.” He spoke without seeing her, refusing to look at her, his eyes clenched shut, guarding himself against her without any shield to hide behind. “I am… begging you, to make this choice. If you love me, then just say yes, just be with me. If you don’t… then just tell me, treat me with some respect and just tell me. I’ll leave you alone… I promise I’ll go.”

  • Firm hands attached to Alexandra’s shoulders and pulled, and romantic words of poetic standards buzzed in her ears, but she refused to look at their source. After outbursts, she had mustered a bit of ... more
    • You're a terrible student. — Niccolò, Wed Nov 6 23:10
      • I guess I've flunked.Alexandra, Fri Nov 8 17:12
        Niccolò released her, and without realizing it, Alexandra retracted, taking a couple slow steps back as she rubbed the ache out of the shoulder his dominant hand had gripped, the one that hurt more.... more
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