Ika Blackburn
Mail time
Tue Nov 19, 2013 00:45

Ika had left a box of a dozen chocolates—each containing a different flavorless potion, giving the eater sweet dreams or an elevated mood or the ability to speak fluent Spanish for half an hour or any of a variety of temporary gifts—and a note on the gift table at Alexandra’s wedding. The note congratulated Alexa and Chino on the marriage and promised that, since she hadn’t given Alexa a birthday present, Ika would send one when she thought of something appropriate.

It took a little over a month to think of something appropriate, and then another week to figure out if she was even allowed to give Alexa what she wanted. There were tricky legal things because it had to be internationally useable, but Puerto Rico had a special relationship with the United States and it was ultimately okay.

She’d read somewhere that making a package look special made mail carriers treat it more gently, so she’d carefully wrapped it in lavender paper patterned with pink roses and written “Happy Belated Birthday” in careful cursive on the side. The box contained a snowglobe of the Rockies covered in loose plastic snow, and a letter addressed to her friend.

Dear Alexa,

I’m sorry this is so late! It took me a while to come up with the idea and figure out how to do the Scrying Spell. Tap the snowglobe twice with your wand to activate the spell. When you shake it, concentrate on who or where you want to see. I’m afraid it doesn’t do sound, but I tested it a few times and the image works really well.

Also, there are espionage laws, so don’t try to look in on government facilities or anywhere outside of the United States and its territories. It probably won’t work if you try to scry on a person and they’re not in the country—you’ll just see the mountains, so nothing bad should happen if you accidentally do that. I really hope you enjoy it!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Her school had a few owls, but Ika felt bad about sending any of them so far from Boulder. If she shipped through the Pearl Street Owlry, they could organize a change of bird with another post office in southern Florida. The owlry was within a few blocks of Madame Poff’s, so Ika took her Saturday lunch break to stand in line with—apparently—half the wizarding population of Boulder. Ika hadn’t expected the line to spill out of the small office and into the street. Her lunch break was thirty minutes long, and this was normally a perfect amount of time, but it was starting to feel like she’d lose more than half of it trying to send this package.

Smelling the wares from the pretzel vendor on the corner didn’t help Ika’s rumbling stomach. She’d already been at work for four hours, and with four more to go, she couldn’t make it until dinner without eating. When another RMI student passed, Ika flagged them down with a wave and an “Excuse me!” She dug into her jeans pocket and produced a handful of coins—enough for two pretzels at least. “Could you go to the pretzel stand and get me one of the spinach and artichoke stuffed pretzels? I’d really appreciate it—I have to stay in line but I’m so hungry. You can get yourself something too if you want.”

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