Cassandra Harlesdon
Coffee and cake
Fri Nov 22, 2013 15:36

Cassandra sat in a café collecting her thoughts. It was twelve-forty. Twenty minutes until she had to open up the Reference Center for the afternoon. To most people, that might not have seemed to a long time, certainly not adequate for dawdling in a coffee shop. However, Cassandra had learnt to make the most of every scrap of time. Twenty minutes could be an eon.

She clasped her cup of coffee. She'd got used to drinking it pretty cold and would wait a long time before she began to sip it but she enjoyed the comforting warmth on her hands. A slice of cake sat in front of her, waiting until her coffee was at a temperature where she could enjoy them together. It was nearly lunchtime, she knew, and she had bought a sandwich to eat later. However, right now, coffee and cake was what was needed. And what was the point of being a responsible grown up if you couldn't choose when to delay a meal and have cake instead?

She didn't feel better per se for her chat with Miss Aston but she felt that all the competing emotions had been emptied out. She had had a good cry and the teacher had been calm and let her do it, before talking it through and trying to help her rationalise it. It wasn't the fact that Amelie had had to be restrained, or the sight of that itself – she understood the school's approach and that it had been a rational and proportionate response. It was Amelie's distress that distressed her. They had talked through her daughter's week so that Cassandra could get a realistic picture of how Amelie's behaviour had been, looking at some of the happier moments as well as any behaviour incidents. Most of the incidents had been less dramatic, a fair number of them not even resulting in time in the quiet room. In some senses, that made Cassandra feel better. But it had caused her some concern. Concern which she had kept secret from Miss Aston... In general, with behaviour management, the best strategy was to avoid the trigger. If Amelie's worst behaviour of the week had been triggered by her visiting (or rather, finishing her visit) then.... It was only the first week and no one had spoken about Amelie's reaction as if it was surprising or beyond acceptable, for which she was grateful. All she had to do now was control her thoughts and not forecast the worst possible outcome. The change was bound to be difficult at first but they could hopefully learn to manage it. But she couldn't help but feel, if it wasn't possible to get Amelie to accept her leaving, then the choices would be one of two extremes; her not visiting in term time, or her removing Amelie as a boarder. It was possible that she would still be able to attend the school as a day pupil but Cassandra knew that would severely alter what she was able to commit to. Still, that was presuming the worst case scenario, which she was not allowing herself to do.

She shifted the coffee slightly in her hands, chancing a sip. Still too hot... She rested it on the table, still loosely curling her hands about it. She was drawn out of the thing that was she wasn't really thinking about by someone approaching her.

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