Carrick Pendergast
A first date? (Tag Cayden)
Fri Nov 22, 2013 17:13

Carrick Pendergast stood waiting nervously, at the elevator to leave RMI. The Irish lad was wearing a pair of black jeans, and a black t-shirt with an Irish Wizarding band across the chest. Over the t-shirt was black leather coat to keep him warm on the chilly fall day. His brown hair that was normally cut short had grown out a some so it was bit unruly. Yet, he liked not having to dress nicely, or keep his hair cut short while he was at RMI. Here, he wasn’t an heir to the Pendergast family, here he was just Carrick, the Cetus dwarf, the Keeper of a Quidditch Cup winning team!

He shifted as he wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans for what seemed like the ninth hundredth time since he woke up. While the first years were busy at Flying lessons he had invited his betrothed to Pearl Street. Cayden, a girl he had a crush on since he was a first year and she was an incoming first year. He had owled her last night, and now he waited for nervously to show up.

He figured they could find something to do on Pearl Street, there was a movie theater up there, plenty of restaurants and about a thousand other things to do. Carrick had spent a lot of time in the movie theater last term by himself and he was glad that his term Cayden might come with him at least a few times. When he finally saw her, he smiled widely. “Good morning.” He said as he glanced at his watch eleven am was still morning but just bearly. “Ready to explore Pearl Street?”

    • Let's make it count.Cayden Bloom, Fri Nov 22 22:57
      Cayden’s hands trembled as she did up the final buttons on her sweater. She was wearing a gray dress with tiny white polka dots on it. She had pulled on an elbow length sweater that fell just below... more
      • Okay, where to?Carrick, Sat Nov 23 23:16
        Carrick smiled when he saw Cayden appear. He had always thought she was cute, but he could honestly say she was beautiful to him. He didn’t care about any other girl at RMI, or even in the world,... more
        • Anywhere is fine with me.Cayden, Sun Nov 24 12:01
          Cayden sighed in relief as Carrick accepted the hug. After the hug ended, the other Ceti ushered her into the elevator. The thirteen year old watched as Carrick shook his head and her brow furrowed.... more
          • Then anywhere is where we'll go.Carrick, Wed Nov 27 14:17
            Carrick smiled, while Cayden pondered where she would like to go. He remembered last term how he had been daunted at the start of term by Pearl Street. Now, though it all seemed so old hat him and he ... more
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