Cayden Bloom
Let's make it count.
Fri Nov 22, 2013 22:57

Caydenís hands trembled as she did up the final buttons on her sweater. She was wearing a gray dress with tiny white polka dots on it. She had pulled on an elbow length sweater that fell just below her chest. She had picked it since it was among one of the simpler outfits she had that was pretty. Ella was off somewhere and Emily was at Flying Lessons. Sheíd had most of the morning to freak out and get ready for her first real date.

The previous evening, she had received a letter from Carrick asking her if she would like to go to Pearl Street with him. She was a third year and could finally go to the Muggle street. She certainly didnít expect that the first time she would go would be with the person she was betrothed to. She smoothed out her hair, letting the long tresses flow down near her shoulders. She was honestly scared as all anything.

Despite the fact that she had spent the summer with Carrick, they hadnít actually spoken about their betrothal. The Cetus found that she truly enjoyed spending time with the person she was bound to spend the rest of her life with. She figured it was a good thing, because she would hate to live with someone she couldnít stand. The small girl walked out of the Cetus commons and made her way to the Pearl Street exit.

As she reached the elevator, she saw Carrick and smiled at him. He looked very nice in all of his dark clothes. He was smiling at her, and she blushed slightly. He asked if she was ready to explore and she nodded. Before she made any move towards the exit, the small girl held out her arms, offering a hug to the other Cetus. She didnít mind if he didnít want a hug and she would be slightly embarrassed if he refused but she would be okay.

ďIím ready,Ē she said, with a slight smile. ďAre we going anywhere specific?Ē

  • A first date? (Tag Cayden)Carrick Pendergast, Fri Nov 22 17:13
    Carrick Pendergast stood waiting nervously, at the elevator to leave RMI. The Irish lad was wearing a pair of black jeans, and a black t-shirt with an Irish Wizarding band across the chest. Over the... more
    • Let's make it count. — Cayden Bloom, Fri Nov 22 22:57
      • Okay, where to?Carrick, Sat Nov 23 23:16
        Carrick smiled when he saw Cayden appear. He had always thought she was cute, but he could honestly say she was beautiful to him. He didnít care about any other girl at RMI, or even in the world,... more
        • Anywhere is fine with me.Cayden, Sun Nov 24 12:01
          Cayden sighed in relief as Carrick accepted the hug. After the hug ended, the other Ceti ushered her into the elevator. The thirteen year old watched as Carrick shook his head and her brow furrowed.... more
          • Then anywhere is where we'll go.Carrick, Wed Nov 27 14:17
            Carrick smiled, while Cayden pondered where she would like to go. He remembered last term how he had been daunted at the start of term by Pearl Street. Now, though it all seemed so old hat him and he ... more
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