Zach Drogan (Cetus)
Wonder who it's for?
Sat Nov 23, 2013 00:27

Another trip down to the Pearl Street Mall left Zach empty-handed. He kept making trips, planning on buying a pet, but he just can’t decide on what to get. The struggle… He thought, frustrated by his own indecisiveness. His hands in his green hoodie pockets, he was walking down the sidewalk when he was flagged down by someone in the line for the owlery. ”Excuse me!” He looked in the direction of the voice. He was then given some coins and pointed toward a pretzel stand across from the owlery. He was always asked to buy things for his friends, but he was never given money by someone to go buy it for them. He gave a nod and walked over to the stand.

The line was quite long, and it took quite a while to get to the front. Zach had already eaten, and he didn’t want to use this girl’s money on himself, even though she gave him permission to. “One artichoke and spinach and artichoke stuffed pretzel please.” He asked the vendor quietly. He was given change back, which he hastily stuffed into his pocket.

He returned to the place where the girl who ordered this pretzel had stood, but she wasn’t there. He looked around a bit, then found her a bit closer to the building. As he got closer, the line moved again and she was inside. He decided not to bring food into the owlery for fear that he would cause a feeding frenzy among the birds. “Well that’s just great.” He said to himself, still holding the pretzel out like it was a gift to a close friend, which he guessed it was sort of like that. He tapped on the window a few times to try to get the girl’s attention, but all he did was get an irritated look from one of the clerks. He sighed and just sat down on the bench next to the door, and waited for the girl to come and get her pretzel and change.

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    Ika had left a box of a dozen chocolates—each containing a different flavorless potion, giving the eater sweet dreams or an elevated mood or the ability to speak fluent Spanish for half an hour or... more
    • Wonder who it's for? — Zach Drogan (Cetus), Sat Nov 23 00:27
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