Anywhere is fine with me.
Sun Nov 24, 2013 12:01

Cayden sighed in relief as Carrick accepted the hug. After the hug ended, the other Ceti ushered her into the elevator. The thirteen year old watched as Carrick shook his head and her brow furrowed. She wasn’t sure why he was shaking his head and it worried her slightly. Maybe he thought that she should know where they were going, or maybe he just wanted to keep it a surprise. Her worries were squashed however when the older boy elaborated upon his action.

“I’ve been up, down, and all around Pearl Street. This is your trip, you tell me what you want to do we do it my treat. We can eat, go see a movie, there’s laser tag, shopping if you’d like. A ton of things.”

Cayden tapped her chin lightly, pondering what she wanted to do. It was her first visit to Pearl Street and she had no idea what the place had to offer. Carrick had mentioned a few things, but the young Cetus found that she couldn’t really decide between any of them. She spent the ride in the elevator trying to make a decision and when the doors slid open with a ding she almost jumped. Her betrothed extended his hand and asked where she would like to go. Cayden took one more moment to think about before slipping her hand into Carrick’s.

“Why don’t we just explore for now,” she said with a grin, tugging him out of the elevator and onto the crowded street. “If I see something we can go there!”

  • Okay, where to?Carrick, Sat Nov 23 23:16
    Carrick smiled when he saw Cayden appear. He had always thought she was cute, but he could honestly say she was beautiful to him. He didn’t care about any other girl at RMI, or even in the world,... more
    • Anywhere is fine with me. — Cayden, Sun Nov 24 12:01
      • Then anywhere is where we'll go.Carrick, Wed Nov 27 14:17
        Carrick smiled, while Cayden pondered where she would like to go. He remembered last term how he had been daunted at the start of term by Pearl Street. Now, though it all seemed so old hat him and he ... more
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