Then anywhere is where we'll go.
Wed Nov 27, 2013 14:17

Carrick smiled, while Cayden pondered where she would like to go. He remembered last term how he had been daunted at the start of term by Pearl Street. Now, though it all seemed so old hat him and he loved it. Cayden jumped a bit when the elevator dinged and the doors slid open. He smiled reassuringly at her and was glad when she accepted his hand.

He glanced down at her hand in his and couldn’t help but wonder why it felt so right. Soon, he was tugged out of the elevator while Cayden said. “Why don’t we just explore for now. If I see something we can go there!”

“Okay.” Carrick said with a grin that matched Cayden’s. He lead gripped her hand gently as they began the walk down the street. He kept glancing at their interwoven hands. In his letter last night he had just asked if she’d like to come out to Pearl Street with him, he had never called it a date and he wondered if the hand holding made it seem like a date.

As they walked Carrick would point out places he enjoyed, the ice cream shop, the comic store, the movies, and a few restaurants he had tried. He didn’t enjoy eating by himself so he usually would get take out and sit outside near buskers and enjoy their music, or whatever they were performing.

There were a few out on the chilly day, one he pointed out to Cayden. “That Muggle there, he claims he can do magic. It seems very real until you realize it’s just tricks, and some sleight of hand. He fools the other Muggles a lot. It’s actually a bit of fun to watch.” He said with a smile.

Carrick had run into the man his second trip up to Pearl Street, he and enjoyed a lunch of chicken strips and fries while he had watched the man. At first he tried to figure out if the man was a Wizard. If he had been he was breaking the law by doing Magic in front of Muggles. After a bit Carrick heard the man promote his Magic Shop just down the street. Carrick had gone in and seen all the tricks, and gags leading him to conclude the man was a Muggle who was tricking people into his store.

“He owns a shop full of things to do the same tricks on.” he said as he looked around ready to point out someone else of interest.

  • Anywhere is fine with me.Cayden, Sun Nov 24 12:01
    Cayden sighed in relief as Carrick accepted the hug. After the hug ended, the other Ceti ushered her into the elevator. The thirteen year old watched as Carrick shook his head and her brow furrowed.... more
    • Then anywhere is where we'll go. — Carrick, Wed Nov 27 14:17
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