Adisynne Leppit
I'm fond of both of those.
Thu Nov 28, 2013 12:50

Caffeine, Addi was quickly beginning to realize, would be a fatal attraction for her. The extra energy was a definite plus for a single mother, but while nursing, she had only been able to have a couple cups a day. Now that Tycho had been weaned, she may or may not have taken advantage of the freedom to consume. Naturally a bit bouncy anyway, the caffeine gave her no real noticeable jitters, but it did provide an addiction that mandated routine.

On what was technically a lunch break from her Pearl Street position, the strawberry blonde frequented the nearby café. She had tried a number of different coffee variants before finally settling on a daily mocha java latte. After acquiring her confection, she glanced at her watch and, noting that she had about twenty-five minutes before she needed to return to work, scanned for a table.

A table not too far from her was occupied by a familiar face, one of RMI’s newest staff members. Cassandra Harlesdon was the librarian, filling the position vacated by Mary-Louise Clarke when she transferred over to Spellwork, replacing Jonathan Oak. Adisynne rather missed the man; she had taken his classes as a student and found him to be a rather amusing fellow. But either way, staff changes were frequent, so she was adjusted to the situation.

With her rather busy schedule, the twenty year old had not taken the time she otherwise might have to get to know Cassandra. She remembered as SGA president her seventh year bringing goodies to Headmaster Abbadi and Emilian when they were new. She liked to make the new staff feel welcomed, since coming to a new position could be a rather uncomfortable time. Joining RMI staff had not been difficult for her since she came straight from her own school years here, but other people were not as fortunate in that way as she was.

“Hey, stranger,” she greeted merrily as she approached Cassandra’s table. As she drew closer, she noticed that the woman had seemed contemplative, and she hoped she had not disturbed any important deliberations. “Mind if I join you?”

  • Coffee and cakeCassandra Harlesdon, Fri Nov 22 15:36
    Cassandra sat in a café collecting her thoughts. It was twelve-forty. Twenty minutes until she had to open up the Reference Center for the afternoon. To most people, that might not have seemed to a... more
    • I'm fond of both of those. — Adisynne Leppit, Thu Nov 28 12:50
      • Mission accomplished!Cassandra Harlesdon, Fri Nov 29 09:04
        Cassandra glanced up as someone greeted her with 'hey stranger.' Normally, that was used somewhat ironically, reserved for people whom one was close to but hadn't seen for a while. Here though, it... more
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