Cassandra Harlesdon
Mission accomplished!
Fri Nov 29, 2013 09:04

Cassandra glanced up as someone greeted her with 'hey stranger.' Normally, that was used somewhat ironically, reserved for people whom one was close to but hadn't seen for a while. Here though, it was entirely descriptive.

“Hello,” she smiled back, “No, please – go ahead... Addisynne?” she added, gesturing invitingly to the seat opposite her when her colleague asked if she might join her. She wasn't sure why she had sounded quite so questioning when she was perfectly sure that was the other lady's name. Purely on that count, she was glad it was her who had appeared. She might have struggled more with some of her other colleagues' names. Addisynne had stood out to her at the feast, being 'the one with the baby' and this was how she had mentally referred to her thereafter. It seemed a little rude and that feeling, along with her having such an obvious defining characteristic, meant that when Cassandra had heard her name in passing, it had stuck.

“Though please don't be offended if I begin rapidly gulping my coffee and then hastily dash off. It's nothing personal - I just have to open the library back up at one,” she explained, although she wasn't sure how necessary the explanation was. She didn't know how long Addisynne had been at the school – it could only be a handful of years, at most as she looked dreadfully young (indeed, if Addisynne didn't have a child, Cassandra might have practically thought of her as one herself) – but she knew that she wasn't new this year, as she hadn't been mentioned as such in the Headmaster's speech. Therefore it was entirely possible that the other staff member already knew the library opening hours, perhaps even better than she did.

“What brings you out and about today? Anything in particular?” she queried, figuring this was neutral enough territory for a little chat.

  • I'm fond of both of those.Adisynne Leppit, Thu Nov 28 12:50
    Caffeine, Addi was quickly beginning to realize, would be a fatal attraction for her. The extra energy was a definite plus for a single mother, but while nursing, she had only been able to have a... more
    • Mission accomplished! — Cassandra Harlesdon, Fri Nov 29 09:04
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