SGA President Lyubov Kovalchuk
Bowling Bash! [Everyone Invited]
Mon Dec 30, 2013 01:54

Lyubov was a perfectionist at heart. This had been the case throughout her childhood and still rung true today. Perhaps overly concerned at how their first Pearl Street event of the year was going to turn out, she had been increasing the intensity of their bimonthly meetings leading up to it, outlining fresher checklists as new ideas occurred to her, dividing up extra responsibilities among the seven SGA representatives, and even consulting with Professor de Villiers more than she usually would. But at last, after all the hard work in those carefully planned meetings, the blonde found herself standing in the aptly named Strikers: a bowling alley situated a convenient five-minute-or-so walk from the bookstore that housed RMI's elevator entrance to the Muggle world above their heads.

Shortly after lunch, she had arrived with the elected representatives of the SGA to set up the bowling alley. Surveying the room now, her feet turning from side to side in a slightly awkward shuffle from the unfamiliar weight of bowling shoes, Lyubov nodded to herself in satisfaction and flashed her fellow representatives a cheery smile. "We're ready to go, I think." And, ugh, but these shoes felt weird, more so by the fact that she was wearing a pair of fitted pants (helpfully loaned to her from Ika) with them instead of her usual skirts, as a conversation with Ika had led to her roomie's assurances that skirts were inappropriate for bowling. At least the alley was looking great, though. That definitely made up for any clothing discomfort she was experiencing.

The large bowling alley was divided roughly in half. One half drew immediate attention as it contained the bowling lanes themselves, the side walls as well as the occasional pillar between lanes decorated with tinsel garlands and banners in the colours of the four RMI Houses. In contrast, the other half of the room would likely catch the eye of those students less inclined towards the sport of bowling; there was an array of curved booths and tables for chatting in, as well as an open area in the middle, where the softly-flashing coloured lights overhead presented the option of some casual dancing. Speakers throughout the room were playing light Muggle music, and the open cafe counters behind the booths offered a long row of pizzas and drinks to choose from for anyone wanting a bite to eat between rounds.

Strikers would be open to the students of RMI from three o'clock this Sunday afternoon onwards to the evening. As a general rule, first- and second-years weren't allowed to go on Pearl Street by themselves, but today was a special exception and the younger students would have the opportunity to come up. However, they would be chaperoned the entire way by some teachers and older SGA members who had volunteered to accompany the first- and second-years in groups on the elevator and walk them the few minutes it took to get to the Pearl Street bowling alley. The other SGA members were free to mingle with students at the alley and bowl as they pleased. Lyubov would join them later, but for now she took her position behind the front desk, where as Student President she had offered to help hand out bowling shoes alongside the Strikers employee on duty for the day.

"Jacob", as his nametag proclaimed him, was a Muggle with bleached hair and a stud through his eyebrow, probably in his early twenties by her estimation, and completely oblivious to the number of magical citizens passing by right under his nose. Straightening her own name tag that was pinned on to the front of her red blouse (she had encouraged the other SGA representatives to wear name tags as well, though she doubted that all of them would comply), Lyubov smiled agreeably at his request and picked up the pair of shoes he had gestured at, setting them down in front of the most recent student to stop by the front desk. "Welcome in, and have fun!" 'And let the games begin,' she added privately to herself, hazel eyes watching the lanes with interest in between handing out the bowling shoes. Bowling was something that the Pureblooded witch had never heard of prior to planning this event; she hoped that the other students were having as much fun playing the sport as she was watching them.

OOC: Greetings, folks, it's time for a bowling party! All godmodding in this post has been done by permission. Do remember that Strikers is a Muggle bowling alley and no magic is allowed to be done here. But, hey, even without magic bowling is still pretty exciting, so let's have some fun! Happy writing!

    • Let's have some fun!Emily Wiggins (Cetus), Thu Jan 2 22:06
      As much as Emily loved RMI, she was beyond excited to finally get to see the world above. Her eagerness to escape the magical school led her to sign up to Lyubov to set things up. After all of the... more
      • And so we meet againLuke Calloway, Fri Jan 3 14:35
        ”Oops, sorry!” Suppressing a hiss of annoyance, Luke spun around to see who had blundered into him, but his annoyance quickly melted into a smirk as he saw who it was: The one and only ponytail... more
        • Then let the games beginEmily, Fri Jan 3 21:34
          “Fancy meeting you here.” Emily resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Of course she had to bump into him . Her last encounter with the blond boy had been less than pleasant as he had tried to attack... more
    • Outside my comfort zoneBenjamin Adler, Thu Jan 2 19:34
      Appearance had always been vital. The way one dressed and carried themselves allowed others to make an immediate judgement on their character. Benjamin was use to failed attempts at impressing his... more
      • Yeah, it shows...Krystal Baitman [Aquila], Sat Jan 11 16:00
        If Krystal had been paying enough attention to what the SGA was and who was involved, she might have passed up on the bowling party on the grounds that it had kind of been organised by de Villiers... more
    • Unfortunately tagging Niccolò YorkAmelia Knight, Thu Jan 2 05:18
      He "remembered". Nothing in his note had said it, but Amelia knew. If he did not, he would not have bothered with her, more likely than not naturally preferring to ignore her the way he had for years ... more
      • You got my name right!Niccolò York, Thu Jan 2 16:55
        The past few months seemed to simply slip away, haunting only the faded edges of his mind where the cobwebs rippled beneath curtains of mist and heavy fog, hiding all the questions Niccolò should... more
        • I decided to try a little harder.Amelia, Thu Jan 2 21:27
          "Amelia... You came." He was already touching her, his hand capturing hers with unsettling normalcy, like this was their relationship. And it was , or at least as far as his altered mind told him,... more
          • It only took you seven years!Niccolò, Thu Jan 2 23:14
            Niccolò pouted in the direction of the pizza, tomato sauce and the hot spice of pepperoni wafting through the air, letting himself be led away towards the bowling lanes. “Cool, but the moment you get ... more
            • Late bloomer, I guess.Amelia, Fri Jan 3 22:45
              The arm Niccolò so carelessly draped around her shoulders felt heavy, the weight of her guilt infused into his touch. " who are we?" His words fell so painfully plainly, as if this sort of... more
    • One bowler and one basherKejan and Kašpar Szyszko, Tue Dec 31 15:21
      "I hate zhis place." "You can not be hating eet! Eet is a vonderfully 'appy place to go vawking in!" "I do not vant to vawk in eet," Kejan pointed out with irritation. Who in their right mind would... more
      • Sounds like a party!Anthony, Adisynne, and Tycho Leppit, Sat Jan 4 03:26
        "You suck," Anthony stated for approximately the nineteen zillionth time in the last hour. He had been planning on going to the SGA's bowling event, but he was definitely not accounting for his... more
        • Or half of one, at least.Kejan and Kašpar, Sun Jan 5 18:23
          Having arrived at the booth with the expectation that the boy already seated at it would leave her alone, she hadn't really been paying attention to him at first glance. He didn't matter, after all,... more
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