Kejan and Kašpar Szyszko
One bowler and one basher
Tue Dec 31, 2013 15:21

"I hate zhis place."

"You can not be hating eet! Eet is a vonderfully 'appy place to go vawking in!"

"I do not vant to vawk in eet," Kejan pointed out with irritation. Who in their right mind would intentionally go walking here? Aside from her brother and the Muggles themselves, of course, neither of whom counted as being in the right mind to begin with. An older woman walked past with a stroller, its bundle of blankets containing a squalling miniature version of their species, and she shot them both a glower. "Zhey are too loud. And zhe air smells disgusting," she added, covering her nose with a gloved hand in an attempt to filter out the thick smokey-iron scent hanging as a fog over their heads. Unlike houses like theirs, which needed only magic to keep its charmed heated interior tightly insulated against the winter, the street above RMI was lined with buildings vibrating from the strength of furnaces and crowned by thin protruding pipes that spewed out trails of dirty air.

"Eet does not smell much badly! Eet smells like... like..." Blinking, Kašpar tried to find an appropriate comparison, hazel eyes wide with his perpetual amazement as he surveyed the fascinating bustle of the Street of Pearls swelling around them. Now that his sister had mentioned smells, he couldn't take his mind off of it - or, rather, his nose. The thick smell of unnamed roasted foods from a vender's stand, vague whispers of soaps and minted creams as they passed a Muggle barbershop, and above all else, there lurked crisp winter, the cool breeze overlaying every fibre of his awareness and settling with a pleasant shiver across his exposed face. "Zhat Muggle food, vhat name is eet?" He hummed a moment in thought before snapping his fingers delightedly. "Peeet-zah!" he proclaimed, pointing at the doorway from which the lovely scent was coming from.

Nose wrinkled under the reek of fat and oil and grease, his sister glanced at the building he had signalled out, skeptically reading the name on the sign. Strikers. Kejan had not-so-secretly been hoping that they would get lost and have to go back down to RMI, but it seemed that her misguided twin's ability to point his nose towards food had actually led them in the right direction. At Kašpar's impatient tugging on her hand, she huffed and turned with him to walk into the bowling alley. "I am not playing, zhough."

"Zhat is plenty all-right! You are still here!" He beamed at her cheerfully, long blonde hair falling free from its elastic ties and swinging across his shoulders. Bouncing excitedly in place, he waved at their cousin at the front desk, hazel eyes sliding off the older girl in favour of gaping at the large colourful room with astonishment. Muggles had such interesting buildings! "Find a place to be seating at, kotik, and I vill get us zhe bowl shoes."

"You mean, you vill get yourself shoes, right? I am not bowling!"

"Tak, tak," he shrugged, clearly still lost in observation of the room, flashing her a quick grin before bouncing away again.

Kejan made a face at his back and turned to study the seating area. Unfortunately, the booth she identified as most likely being out of smelling range of the disgusting pizza was already occupied. Well, that was just too bad for them! Tossing her braids back, skirt brushing across her knees, the Pureblood paced smoothly over to the booth and addressed its occupant. "My brozher and I vill be joining you... Eef zhat is okay," she added in mock polite afterthought. However, the mild remark was immediately swept aside, as she sat down in the booth without waiting for an answer and then stared at the other occupant analytically as if expecting them to leave.

  • Bowling Bash! [Everyone Invited]SGA President Lyubov Kovalchuk, Mon Dec 30 01:54
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    • Let's have some fun!Emily Wiggins (Cetus), Thu Jan 2 22:06
      As much as Emily loved RMI, she was beyond excited to finally get to see the world above. Her eagerness to escape the magical school led her to sign up to Lyubov to set things up. After all of the... more
      • And so we meet againLuke Calloway, Fri Jan 3 14:35
        ”Oops, sorry!” Suppressing a hiss of annoyance, Luke spun around to see who had blundered into him, but his annoyance quickly melted into a smirk as he saw who it was: The one and only ponytail... more
        • Then let the games beginEmily, Fri Jan 3 21:34
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      Appearance had always been vital. The way one dressed and carried themselves allowed others to make an immediate judgement on their character. Benjamin was use to failed attempts at impressing his... more
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        If Krystal had been paying enough attention to what the SGA was and who was involved, she might have passed up on the bowling party on the grounds that it had kind of been organised by de Villiers... more
    • Unfortunately tagging Niccolň YorkAmelia Knight, Thu Jan 2 05:18
      He "remembered". Nothing in his note had said it, but Amelia knew. If he did not, he would not have bothered with her, more likely than not naturally preferring to ignore her the way he had for years ... more
      • You got my name right!Niccolň York, Thu Jan 2 16:55
        The past few months seemed to simply slip away, haunting only the faded edges of his mind where the cobwebs rippled beneath curtains of mist and heavy fog, hiding all the questions Niccolň should... more
        • I decided to try a little harder.Amelia, Thu Jan 2 21:27
          "Amelia... You came." He was already touching her, his hand capturing hers with unsettling normalcy, like this was their relationship. And it was , or at least as far as his altered mind told him,... more
          • It only took you seven years!Niccolň, Thu Jan 2 23:14
            Niccolň pouted in the direction of the pizza, tomato sauce and the hot spice of pepperoni wafting through the air, letting himself be led away towards the bowling lanes. “Cool, but the moment you get ... more
            • Late bloomer, I guess.Amelia, Fri Jan 3 22:45
              The arm Niccolň so carelessly draped around her shoulders felt heavy, the weight of her guilt infused into his touch. " who are we?" His words fell so painfully plainly, as if this sort of... more
    • One bowler and one basher — Kejan and Kašpar Szyszko, Tue Dec 31 15:21
      • Sounds like a party!Anthony, Adisynne, and Tycho Leppit, Sat Jan 4 03:26
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        • Or half of one, at least.Kejan and Kašpar, Sun Jan 5 18:23
          Having arrived at the booth with the expectation that the boy already seated at it would leave her alone, she hadn't really been paying attention to him at first glance. He didn't matter, after all,... more
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