I decided to try a little harder.
Thu Jan 2, 2014 21:27

"Amelia... You came." He was already touching her, his hand capturing hers with unsettling normalcy, like this was their relationship. And it was, or at least as far as his altered mind told him, her and Inigo hissing lies into his ears when he was sleeping, spells and charms destroying what he thought he knew until he believed them. Now that had been accomplished, and Niccolò was convinced she was the one with the stories lived, the laughs and sighs of a girl that was not original her ringing in his mind when he thought about her.

No time could pass; she had to make her answer authentic. "Yeah, of course," she answered with casual familiarity, forcing a playful smile and an air of enthusiasm. The real trouble with her actions began now. Niccolò did not just remember loving her; he remembered her reciprocating. Amelia had to pretend to feel the way he recalled...forever. Or at least until she felt them truly, a day she both dreaded and awaited. If it happened, it would be simpler, but it felt like betraying herself. Conversely, she could remain true to herself, but only in secret, because her actions had to reflect something different. Everything was a mess for her and clearly always would be.

"Do you want to play a game or just hang out? I'm up for anything, princesa." Idly Amelia recognized the pet name from Niccolò's memories, always attached to a different blonde, although she could not recall just how often he had used it. She wondered what Alexandra would think if she knew what her younger sister had done, how she had taken the memories of what was surely the best time in Alexandra's life and tainted them, polluting them with herself. But she would never know, because the Cetus could never tell; it was a secret between herself, Inigo, and Ambassador York and would remain that way.

This time, she could think a little, hesitate in contemplation. "Well, since we have the shoes, maybe we should try this 'bowling' thing." He gave her options, a commonality between his past self and who she had made him, so Amelia did not bother wait for a response. "Let's go over there. I see a few open, um, what are they? Lanes?" She led him through the crowd, weaving between other students and perfect strangers, all the while never letting go of his hand.

The lanes at which they arrived already had balls on the return, left by the previous bowlers, the screen devoid of occupants' names. Amelia took it as an assignment, that the balls on the racks around the alley were off-limits and the few here belonged to the lanes. The screen asked for names, and she glanced at the keypad. "How does this work?" she wondered aloud, turning to Niccolò. "It wants to know who we are."

  • You got my name right!Niccolò York, Thu Jan 2 16:55
    The past few months seemed to simply slip away, haunting only the faded edges of his mind where the cobwebs rippled beneath curtains of mist and heavy fog, hiding all the questions Niccolò should... more
    • I decided to try a little harder. — Amelia, Thu Jan 2 21:27
      • It only took you seven years!Niccolò, Thu Jan 2 23:14
        Niccolò pouted in the direction of the pizza, tomato sauce and the hot spice of pepperoni wafting through the air, letting himself be led away towards the bowling lanes. “Cool, but the moment you get ... more
        • Late bloomer, I guess.Amelia, Fri Jan 3 22:45
          The arm Niccolò so carelessly draped around her shoulders felt heavy, the weight of her guilt infused into his touch. " who are we?" His words fell so painfully plainly, as if this sort of... more
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