It only took you seven years!
Thu Jan 2, 2014 23:14

Niccolò pouted in the direction of the pizza, tomato sauce and the hot spice of pepperoni wafting through the air, letting himself be led away towards the bowling lanes. “Cool, but the moment you get hungry, let me know. Don’t feel like you have to keep playing on my account.” His feet stalled for a second as they passed a bowl of chocolate pretzels, letting his free hand dart out to grab a clumsy fistfull before lurching forward at Amelia’s tug, accidentally bumping into a few people as he caught up to the long stretch of their joint arms.

They paused in front of a free lane, recently vacated, both of them arching their necks to study the overhead screen hanging above them, and down towards the keypad ready for their touch. Niccolò popped a chocolate pretzel into his mouth after offering Amelia one, slinging an arm around her shoulder and squeezing her to his side as he ducked his head and bent over the keypad. “Right… so who are we?”

Offering her a grin, he started pressing a quick series of letters, somewhat used to muggle touch screens after spending the summer going to movie theaters in London with mudblood friends. On the electronic screen hanging above their heads, a name was quickly forming, permeating the computer’s records after Niccolò impressively banged his finger down on enter. In bright shining letters, MERLIN flashed across the screen.

“Your turn.” Niccolò nudged her, grinning and popping another three chocolate pretzels into his mouth.

  • I decided to try a little harder.Amelia, Thu Jan 2 21:27
    "Amelia... You came." He was already touching her, his hand capturing hers with unsettling normalcy, like this was their relationship. And it was , or at least as far as his altered mind told him,... more
    • It only took you seven years! — Niccolò, Thu Jan 2 23:14
      • Late bloomer, I guess.Amelia, Fri Jan 3 22:45
        The arm Niccolò so carelessly draped around her shoulders felt heavy, the weight of her guilt infused into his touch. " who are we?" His words fell so painfully plainly, as if this sort of... more
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