Luke Calloway
And so we meet again
Fri Jan 3, 2014 14:35

”Oops, sorry!”

Suppressing a hiss of annoyance, Luke spun around to see who had blundered into him, but his annoyance quickly melted into a smirk as he saw who it was: The one and only ponytail crusader. But oh dear, what would she nag him about this time, as he was devoid of ponytails in this encounter.

Quietly chuckling at that thought, he greeted her. “Why hello there,” his eyes skimmed over the nametag, “Emily. Fancy meeting you here.”

Luke had, quite honestly, never been bowling before this day, and he felt slightly ridiculous in these shoes. However, his time on the streets had taught him to always observe his surroundings carefully. By watching the few students that seemed to know what they were doing, he was confident that he could at least pretend that he knew what he was doing.

He leaned against a nearby wall and folded his arms, wryly recalling their first meeting.

“So how did your Quidditch tryouts go? Will I be facing you in the future?”

And, hopefully, actually manage to hit her with a Bludger this time around. His time training with the Lyra team had improved his flying and beating skills, and he was eager to participate in his first match.

  • Let's have some fun!Emily Wiggins (Cetus), Thu Jan 2 22:06
    As much as Emily loved RMI, she was beyond excited to finally get to see the world above. Her eagerness to escape the magical school led her to sign up to Lyubov to set things up. After all of the... more
    • And so we meet again — Luke Calloway, Fri Jan 3 14:35
      • Then let the games beginEmily, Fri Jan 3 21:34
        “Fancy meeting you here.” Emily resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Of course she had to bump into him . Her last encounter with the blond boy had been less than pleasant as he had tried to attack... more
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