Late bloomer, I guess.
Fri Jan 3, 2014 22:45

The arm Niccolò so carelessly draped around her shoulders felt heavy, the weight of her guilt infused into his touch. " who are we?" His words fell so painfully plainly, as if this sort of thing was completely normal for the two of them. For him, it was nothing out of the ordinary, but Amelia knew otherwise, her own memories acutely unntouched, much to her misery.

She suffered for the truth. As Niccolò typed in a name that was not his, her blue eyes closed, thoughts on the divine, praying to a God she did not believe in, pleading for a quick breakdown. The sixth year almost wanted to compromise herself--she had done it before, so why not again?--and fall for him, just so she would not have to pretend for the rest of their lives. Amelia had been broken and rebuilt, and to break once more would be a release. If she was lucky, she would not recover.

"Your turn."

His arm bumping hers playfully, she set at the keys, typing slowly, unfamiliar with the technology of Muggles and placement of letters. As he was now evidently Merlin, she added her own alias drawn from magical history, typing not AMELIA but MORGANA. "What legends we are," she teased. "What button do I push to make it start now?"

Eventually the correct button was found and pressed, the screen transforming into some sort of grid with ten boxes beside each of their names. Niccolò's name was highlighted, so that seemed to mean he was first, which was good since she still had no idea how bowling worked. "All right, so show me how it's done," Amelia grinned, forcing an odd combination of flirtatious teasing and honest inquiry. Niccolò seemed to have an almost suspicious way of knowing how to do Muggle things, so hopefully bowling was no exception.

  • It only took you seven years!Niccolò, Thu Jan 2 23:14
    Niccolò pouted in the direction of the pizza, tomato sauce and the hot spice of pepperoni wafting through the air, letting himself be led away towards the bowling lanes. “Cool, but the moment you get ... more
    • Late bloomer, I guess. — Amelia, Fri Jan 3 22:45
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