Anthony, Adisynne, and Tycho Leppit
Sounds like a party!
Sat Jan 4, 2014 03:26

"You suck," Anthony stated for approximately the nineteen zillionth time in the last hour. He had been planning on going to the SGA's bowling event, but he was definitely not accounting for his stupid big sister adding herself to his plans. Man, how was he supposed to be cool with Addi hanging around? The Cetus loved his sister and everything, but she was totally cramping his style.

She hardly minded getting on her baby brother's nerves. In fact, Adisynne was pretty proud of herself as she and Anthony walked into the bowling alley, pushing Tycho's stroller ahead of them. "Yeah, I know," she grinned. "But hey, Mr. Jackson says I can beat you."

Brown eyes blinked. "...What?"

Addi rolled her eyes. "Mr. Jackson. He's on the ten dollar bill. I'm trying to make a bet with you, dork." She caught the sent of pizza, head snapping up, and she noted with amusement as Anthony's stomach rumbled. "We can get food first, though." They skirted over to the seating area and after a bit of searching found an empty booth.

"I'll go get us some pizza and drinks, okay?" said the Lyra alumna as she pulled Tycho out of his stroller, handing him to Anthony as soon as he was seated. "I'll be right back." Then she was off, leaving the Leppit boys alone to eye each other. Anthony really liked his nephew, but he was sort of just praying the kid didn't spit up on him or something.

They were not alone long, however, because a moment later, a girl was speaking to him. "My brozher and I vill be joining you... Eef zhat is okay." The eleven year old looked her over briefly before shrugging a response (that she did not wait for anyway) and looking away, but Tycho kept bright blue eyes focused solely on her.

"My sister will be back in a minute," Anthony stated after a moment of silence, turning back to her and noticing, to his discomfort, that she was staring at him. "I mean, I'm sure there's gonna be enough room for all of us," he added, confidence a bit shaken by her disturbing gaze. Also, her accent was funny.

  • One bowler and one basherKejan and Kašpar Szyszko, Tue Dec 31 15:21
    "I hate zhis place." "You can not be hating eet! Eet is a vonderfully 'appy place to go vawking in!" "I do not vant to vawk in eet," Kejan pointed out with irritation. Who in their right mind would... more
    • Sounds like a party! — Anthony, Adisynne, and Tycho Leppit, Sat Jan 4 03:26
      • Or half of one, at least.Kejan and Kašpar, Sun Jan 5 18:23
        Having arrived at the booth with the expectation that the boy already seated at it would leave her alone, she hadn't really been paying attention to him at first glance. He didn't matter, after all,... more
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