Kejan and Kašpar
Or half of one, at least.
Sun Jan 5, 2014 18:23

Having arrived at the booth with the expectation that the boy already seated at it would leave her alone, she hadn't really been paying attention to him at first glance. He didn't matter, after all, as he was just another student, a first-year judging by the look of him, just another new face whom she'd never have to see again come next term when she moved to the Intermediate classes. Oh, she couldn't wait for that to happen! A lot of the younger students irritated her, always speaking out of turn during class and running around the halls like they thought school was meant for playing instead of working.

But even more irritating than young students were young children, like the infant whom she now finally noticed in the boy's arms. While the boy had dropped her gaze, the infant continued staring back with wide blue eyes, and Kejan rolled her own hazel pair at the sight. 'Oh, let me guess; he's not going to leave now. Not with that accompanying him.' So much for her wishes that the boy would go away and leave the booth for the Szyszko twins' use only. Now she had to deal with not just a single irritating first-year but also a baby - and the boy's sister, too, she added, weighing in what he had said.

"Eet vill be crowded," she stated decisively, levelling thin eyebrows at him in an unimpressed look, the nearly white-blonde hairs blending in against her pale skin. "Do you 'ave many ozher siblings joining you?" If so, she might have to consider finding a way to leave. Leaving felt too much like letting them win, but the way that the baby kept staring at her wasn't making her any more willing to accept its presence, mittened fingers curling into fists under the table, and it was getting harder to ignore with every passing second. There had been a time when Kejan thought that only Muggle infants could have this irksome effect on her, but no, despite their higher quality infants of every status managed to grate against her simply by existing. Her maty had reassured her at one complaining session that she would grow out of it as she got older. The thirteen-year-old could only hope that this reassurance was true.

Unwary as usual of his sister's increasing annoyance, Kašpar shot up at Kejan's elbow, tossing a pair of shoes onto the table in front of her. "I bring zhe rounding bowl shoes!" he declared unnecessarily, referencing the heavily rounded toes of the shoes. "Zhey are most boo-tee-ful!" He had already pulled on his own pair of shoes and bounced up and down in place several times to prove this point, hard round soles clomping against the floor in an utterly bright manner, the winter boots he had previously been wearing swinging heavily by their knotted laces around his neck. These new shoes (which were his new favourite shoes, he had almost instantly decided, because despite their obvious inappropriateness for Quidditch they were super fun to wear) looked practically like bowls themselves, which seemed to him a perfect match for this bowling adventure they were about to set off on.

Ducking his head, he pulled the boots off from around his neck and dumped them on the floor before sliding into the booth beside Kejan. He had passed by the food counter on his way over and had been entirely unable to resist a slice of pizza, which he pulled out now from where he'd stuffed it for temporary storage into his coat pocket, inhaling the scent delightedly as he unwrapped the paper towel around it. "'Allo!" With this greeting, the blonde turned his attention towards the unfamiliar boy in the booth, white teeth flashing in a broad grin. "Are you going to be playing bowling vith us? I tink you vould vin, easy," he informed the boy. "I 'ave been playing it never in my life before today! But eet looks muchly egg-site-ing, da?" This was directed mostly at Kejan, who returned his cheerful query with a pointed glare and remained silent.

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    "You suck," Anthony stated for approximately the nineteen zillionth time in the last hour. He had been planning on going to the SGA's bowling event, but he was definitely not accounting for his... more
    • Or half of one, at least. — Kejan and Kašpar, Sun Jan 5 18:23
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