Krystal Baitman [Aquila]
Yeah, it shows...
Sat Jan 11, 2014 16:00

If Krystal had been paying enough attention to what the SGA was and who was involved, she might have passed up on the bowling party on the grounds that it had kind of been organised by de Villiers and he was bound to hassle her. However, her obliviousness to those things in which she took no interest had kept her safe from that particular conundrum and all she knew was that there was free bowling and they got to leave school for a bit. Those were both pretty appealing.

She had no particular issues blending in with Muggles as she'd grown up on an estate full of them. However, she was probably something of a stark contrast to the majority of the street's residents, who tended to embrace new age ideals and the chunky cardigans that went with them. Krystal herself was dressed top to toe in a pink velour tracksuit, the back of the hooded top bearing a diamante heart. Her hair was swept up in its customary style of a high, tight ponytail sprayed down with enough hairspray to rival a freezing charm. Her cheeks were heavily blushered and her eyelashes stood out sticky and short with cheap mascara.

She slouched along with the rest of the school, hands in pockets, glancing curiously about her as she went. She didn't really see any shops that appealed to her but it felt good to get out of the school and she was looking forward to bowling. She'd been once for a friend's party, and she and her friends hung out around the alley in town sometimes when it was raining. You could dawdle around the machines in the adjoining arcade looking like you were actually doing something and providing income to the business for quite a while. And anyway, most of the time the minimum wage attendants couldn't be bothered with the hassle of chivvying along mouthy preteens even if it was obvious they were just loitering.

She swapped her shoes at the counter, though she had to change them as the first pair were a little big. Bowling shoes were a big cringy but you had to wear them, and everyone else would be too so it wasn't like anyone could laugh at her. Once she'd laced them up, she began making her way towards the lanes. She was part way there when a particularly weird boy literally launched himself at her. Not only were his clothes the strangest, ugliest things she had ever seen but he had shoes on his hands and was asking her about bowls.

“Um... over there with food in?” she suggested. She'd noticed pizza but maybe there were bowls of snacks like crisps. She eyed him warily, wondering why he was being so... intense about it and why he couldn't just go see for himself. And, most of all... “Why are you wearing that?” she asked, gesturing broadly to all of him.

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    • Yeah, it shows... — Krystal Baitman [Aquila], Sat Jan 11 16:00
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