Professor E. Blair
Aboveground Adventures (Years 1-3)
Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:02

As per her instructions during their last class (and also recorded on a scolding why-aren’t-you-in-the-right-place note tacked to her classroom door, in case someone hadn’t bothered paying attention to her instructions), her group of Beginners students had gathered to meet her in the hall outside the Finer Diner. Now striding up and down the hall’s width, the heels of her dragonhide boots clumping noisily against the floor, Estelle called out name after name, making a mark beside each name in her attendance list as the respective student verified whether they were present. She finished off with the last name and scanned the page for any blank spots. “Anyone I missed? You all here? If you’re not... well, too bad.” She certainly wasn’t expecting anyone to skip this class, because she had scheduled them to do a fun Pearl Street trip today which was a rare treat for those first- and second-years who were not otherwise allowed to visit the Muggle street mall. Even the third-years, she expected, would find it exciting, perhaps a welcome change of scenery from their usual classroom.

Folding up the attendance sheet, Estelle stuffed it into her jacket pocket before reaching for the bags she had brought with her. “Righto, lads, I want you to get yourselves into teams of two and then line up in front of this table.” Her bags took only short minutes for her to empty out on the table and she explained what each pile was as she went down the line. “First, grab yourselves one of these sheets of paper and a pencil. These sheets have your task for today’s class: a Muggle scavenger hunt! For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, a scavenger hunt is where you are given a list of items and you try to find all of them. Now, I don’t want any of you running around stealing things,” she shot a particular warning glance at some of the rowdier students, “so instead this scavenger hunt is going to be based on photography; when you find something on the list, you’ll take a picture to prove it. Which brings me to this second pile here.” Taking a step to the side, she began unpacking the second bag. “These are called disposable cameras. At the end of class, you’ll turn them in and I’ll have them developed for you. The roll of film only has room for twenty-four pictures, though, so shoot wisely!” Disposable cameras could be tricky to get the hang of, as Estelle well knew from her own attempts when planning today’s class, and to give the students a bit of wiggle room, she had made sure that there were less than twenty-four items on their scavenger hunt list in case they needed to take a few test pictures.

“Finally,” she continued, moving on to the last bag, “you’ll pass by me. Stick your wrist out and I’ll snap on one of these bracelets.” She held up one of the coloured rings to show them. “These might look just like boring plastic, but they’ve got some charms on them to help me keep track of you, so don’t get your hopes up about running off on your own. Today’s a field trip but it’s still class like usual!” The Australian witch opted not to go into detail about what exactly all the charms were; the students would figure it out on their own. Specifically, if they tried to take off their bracelet the clasp wouldn’t open (a bonding charm meant only Estelle could remove it), if they tried to escape their partner they wouldn’t be able to (a leashing charm would force partners to stay within five feet of each other), and if they decided not to come back to the bookstore at the end of class, a secondary leashing charm would activate to pull them back in Estelle’s direction. There was, however, one charm she ought to mention. “One of the charms on here is a Protean. That means your bracelet is magically linked to mine.” Pushing down her jacket sleeve, she raised her arm to expose the blue bracelet she was wearing. “When you have ten minutes left, you’ll feel your bracelet heat up a bit and I’ll send you a message to let you know. Same goes for when your time is up, at which point I expect you all to be back at the bookstore... which will be in fifty minutes!” she announced, glancing at the clock on the wall. “I think I’ve yapped at you enough, then. So grab a partner, line up, get your paper and camera and bracelets, and then we’ll head up to the Great Outdoors.”

After a short scramble to make sure all of her students were partnered up, bracelets snapped on firmly and properly outfitted with their other gear, Estelle led the group further around the hall to the elevator and escorted them up to the Pearl Street bookstore. “This right here is where we'll be meeting when your time is up. I’ll be out monitoring you lot periodically, so if I’m not here when you get back, you can check in with Jerry at the front desk,” she informed them, gesturing towards the man. Since it was a weekday and business was quieter, he’d been very agreeable to helping her out when she asked him. “The first team to get back will win a prize, and once I’ve got the photos developed, any teams who managed to find everything on the list will also win a prize, so work fast and work well! Good luck!” Today’s was a much easier class than usual, but then again, Estelle was in a much better mood than usual... thanks predominantly to a certain blonde. She ignored the slight reddening that thought triggered in her cheeks and instead returned her focus to her students, flashing them a grin and waving them off in search of their listed tasks.

The list for their scavenger hunt included three categories which she had brainstormed:

People = a street vendor; a police officer; someone walking a dog; someone wearing a funny hat; someone pushing a baby stroller

Items = an appliance that runs on electricity; an appliance that runs on batteries; a Muggle surveillance camera; a Muggle magazine; a Muggle sports ball; a movie poster; a restaurant menu; condiment packets; business cards; something that contains the letter “Q”

Themes = one partner posing with a clothing mannequin; one partner riding a mall escalator; one partner sitting on a mall kiddie ride; one partner with a pet; one partner with a musical instrument; one partner trying on new spectacles

OOC: Howdy, friends; get ready for a trip around Pearl Street! Do remember to include your House name in the author box like so: Reece Campbell (Draco). Additionally, keep in mind that while your characters have free reign for their scavenger hunt, it’s still not completely free as Estelle will be monitoring their whereabouts; you’re welcome to TAG her if the need arises and I will get back to you promptly. I hope this class gave you some creative ideas for a post! Have fun and happy writing!

    • Ugh.Justin Key (Draco), Sat Feb 1 13:22
      Cultural Studies. Justin couldn't understand why he would need to know anything about the Muggle world, and he sincerely hoped he could drop the class when he grew old enough. Today's assignment, for ... more
    • Partners? Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Wed Jan 29 17:29
      Beka was excited to be back to RMI. She loved her family, and of course she had been happy to see them again (not to mention the fact that her dad had gotten her another appliance to take apart... more
      • If you don't mind!Arnold Bittleby (Cetus), Wed Jan 29 19:38
        As much as Arnold had enjoyed being home for the holidays, he was glad to be back at RMI. Just as he had hoped, his father had been exceedingly proud of the fact that he had been sorted into Cetus... more
        • Course I don't mind!Beka Hiemer, Thu Jan 30 11:30
          Beka grinned happily as she saw the friend-of-Emily's (Arnold, as she was pretty sure his name was) do the quick step to get over to her. She didn't really know Arnold that well, but almost getting... more
          • Then let the searching begin!Arnold, Sun Feb 2 09:18
            Arnold sighed in relief as Beka enthusiastically assured him that she didn’t mind being partners. He still hadn’t gotten used to her rapid-fire speech. Beka knew how to draw attention to herself and... more
    • Freedom... sort ofCora Procella [Aquila], Mon Jan 27 14:06
      There were perhaps two things in the whole world that Cora loved.. well maybe three including flying. But they were scavenger hunts and competitions. This little trip was shaping up to contain both.... more
      • Oh Merlin!Alannah Pendergast, Tue Jan 28 14:39
        Alannah Pendergast hated Cultural Studies, she thought it was a silly class and Miss. Blair was such an odd person. The second year, didn’t want to go to Pearl Street, and she especially didn’t want... more
        • Merlin Indeed (for Cora is a Muggleborn)Cora Procella [Aquila], Tue Jan 28 21:40
          "Alright," Cora replied confusedly to the girl that had approached her very suddenly, "I'm Cora, what's your name?" Certainly the way the other girl had chosen Cora as her partner was a little odd,... more
          • I don't think so. Alannah, Thu Jan 30 19:36
            Alannah frowned when the girl Cora introduced herself, and asked her name. Was she dense or something? They had been in classes all year together! “I am Alannah Pendergast.” the green eyed girl said... more
            • We seem to... disagree.. on certain thingsCora Procella [Aquila], Thu Jan 30 23:32
              "I am Alannah Pendergast." The other girl said to Cora with an attitude. She must have expected Cora to already know her. Cora didn't see how this was possible. Sure, they had been in classes... more
              • Who cares?Alannah, Sun Feb 2 11:08
                Alannah looked over at the little Mudblood who seemed to realize that Alannah wasn’t one of her little friends. That was good, they would do this imbecilic lesson and never speak again. The redhead... more
                • Who was it who chose their partner in the first place???Cora Procella [Aquila], Fri Feb 7 23:56
                  Cora was puzzled as Alannah insulted her. Cora's hair was, as always, in a braid pulled tightly to the back of her head. Surely it couldn't be that bad. Cora swiveled around to check her reflection... more
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