Cora Procella [Aquila]
Freedom... sort of
Mon Jan 27, 2014 14:06

There were perhaps two things in the whole world that Cora loved.. well maybe three including flying. But they were scavenger hunts and competitions. This little trip was shaping up to contain both. Sure, Cora's teacher hadn't said anything about competing or getting a prize, but to Cora, even the title of the first team to finish would be enough. She knew she would have an advantage over some of the pure-bloods, or even the half-bloods raised in the wizarding world. Cora was a muggleborn, and she knew how to use a camera.

She glanced around, looking for a partner, running through options in her mind. Of her current friends, Astien was probably the most book smart.. but she didn't know how he would be in a social experience. Of course, if she still wanted to get him more comfortable in social experiences, he would be the right partner. Brielle would be a very good partner-- smart and efficient, but perhaps Beka would be the best choice. From what Cora knew of her, she was smart and driven to get things done, driven to compete as much as (well almost as much as) Cora herself. And then there was Meci. Cora and Meci had bonded in a very odd way in Spellworks class, and then again in the Quidditch pitch. But Cora still didn't know too much about her.

But it was still Cora's first year at school, and with six and a half more to go, she wanted to meet more people. For this reason, she would be completely happy with whoever wanted to be her partner, whether they be someone she already knew, or someone she would just meet.

Cora made her way into the center of the crowd, moving around with her classmates, waiting for someone to ask her to be their partner.

  • Aboveground Adventures (Years 1-3)Professor E. Blair, Mon Jan 27 10:02
    As per her instructions during their last class (and also recorded on a scolding why-arenít-you-in-the-right-place note tacked to her classroom door, in case someone hadnít bothered paying attention... more
    • Ugh.Justin Key (Draco), Sat Feb 1 13:22
      Cultural Studies. Justin couldn't understand why he would need to know anything about the Muggle world, and he sincerely hoped he could drop the class when he grew old enough. Today's assignment, for ... more
    • Partners? Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Wed Jan 29 17:29
      Beka was excited to be back to RMI. She loved her family, and of course she had been happy to see them again (not to mention the fact that her dad had gotten her another appliance to take apart... more
      • If you don't mind!Arnold Bittleby (Cetus), Wed Jan 29 19:38
        As much as Arnold had enjoyed being home for the holidays, he was glad to be back at RMI. Just as he had hoped, his father had been exceedingly proud of the fact that he had been sorted into Cetus... more
        • Course I don't mind!Beka Hiemer, Thu Jan 30 11:30
          Beka grinned happily as she saw the friend-of-Emily's (Arnold, as she was pretty sure his name was) do the quick step to get over to her. She didn't really know Arnold that well, but almost getting... more
          • Then let the searching begin!Arnold, Sun Feb 2 09:18
            Arnold sighed in relief as Beka enthusiastically assured him that she didnít mind being partners. He still hadnít gotten used to her rapid-fire speech. Beka knew how to draw attention to herself and... more
    • Freedom... sort of — Cora Procella [Aquila], Mon Jan 27 14:06
      • Oh Merlin!Alannah Pendergast, Tue Jan 28 14:39
        Alannah Pendergast hated Cultural Studies, she thought it was a silly class and Miss. Blair was such an odd person. The second year, didnít want to go to Pearl Street, and she especially didnít want... more
        • Merlin Indeed (for Cora is a Muggleborn)Cora Procella [Aquila], Tue Jan 28 21:40
          "Alright," Cora replied confusedly to the girl that had approached her very suddenly, "I'm Cora, what's your name?" Certainly the way the other girl had chosen Cora as her partner was a little odd,... more
          • I don't think so. Alannah, Thu Jan 30 19:36
            Alannah frowned when the girl Cora introduced herself, and asked her name. Was she dense or something? They had been in classes all year together! ďI am Alannah Pendergast.Ē the green eyed girl said... more
            • We seem to... disagree.. on certain thingsCora Procella [Aquila], Thu Jan 30 23:32
              "I am Alannah Pendergast." The other girl said to Cora with an attitude. She must have expected Cora to already know her. Cora didn't see how this was possible. Sure, they had been in classes... more
              • Who cares?Alannah, Sun Feb 2 11:08
                Alannah looked over at the little Mudblood who seemed to realize that Alannah wasnít one of her little friends. That was good, they would do this imbecilic lesson and never speak again. The redhead... more
                • Who was it who chose their partner in the first place???Cora Procella [Aquila], Fri Feb 7 23:56
                  Cora was puzzled as Alannah insulted her. Cora's hair was, as always, in a braid pulled tightly to the back of her head. Surely it couldn't be that bad. Cora swiveled around to check her reflection... more
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