Alannah Pendergast
Oh Merlin!
Tue Jan 28, 2014 14:39

Alannah Pendergast hated Cultural Studies, she thought it was a silly class and Miss. Blair was such an odd person. The second year, didn’t want to go to Pearl Street, and she especially didn’t want to be around Muggles. The one thing Irish lass couldn’t wait to do was not be in the same class as stupid Cayden Bloom. The girl who had stole Carry away from her! How dare that stupid American girl pretend to be a pureblood good enough to carry the name Pendergast.

Yet, Alannah went to Cultural Studies, a smile pasted on her face. She wore a black skirt, with red leggings and a black and white t-shirt with small red bows on the arms. Her shoes were slip on red glittered ones. Her red hair was pulled back with the Pendergast crest. She also had a black sweater with her but Carrick had charmed her to be warm and waterproof.

When Miss. Blair called them lads, Alannah frowned. She was a lady, and she shouldn’t have to go about on a stupid scavenger hunt. Alannah was about to just stand there waiting for a fellow, proper Pureblooded lady to approach her but she saw Cayden walking her way towards her. She grabbed the person next to her and said “You are my partner!”

It wasn’t until the words were already out of her mouth that Alannah realized who she had said that to. A first year named Cora. Alannah was positive her last name was a pure one. “Oh Merlin.” Alannah thought to herself, it would be some ugly little halfie or worst Mudblood she had paired herself up with.

  • Freedom... sort ofCora Procella [Aquila], Mon Jan 27 14:06
    There were perhaps two things in the whole world that Cora loved.. well maybe three including flying. But they were scavenger hunts and competitions. This little trip was shaping up to contain both.... more
    • Oh Merlin! — Alannah Pendergast, Tue Jan 28 14:39
      • Merlin Indeed (for Cora is a Muggleborn)Cora Procella [Aquila], Tue Jan 28 21:40
        "Alright," Cora replied confusedly to the girl that had approached her very suddenly, "I'm Cora, what's your name?" Certainly the way the other girl had chosen Cora as her partner was a little odd,... more
        • I don't think so. Alannah, Thu Jan 30 19:36
          Alannah frowned when the girl Cora introduced herself, and asked her name. Was she dense or something? They had been in classes all year together! “I am Alannah Pendergast.” the green eyed girl said... more
          • We seem to... disagree.. on certain thingsCora Procella [Aquila], Thu Jan 30 23:32
            "I am Alannah Pendergast." The other girl said to Cora with an attitude. She must have expected Cora to already know her. Cora didn't see how this was possible. Sure, they had been in classes... more
            • Who cares?Alannah, Sun Feb 2 11:08
              Alannah looked over at the little Mudblood who seemed to realize that Alannah wasn’t one of her little friends. That was good, they would do this imbecilic lesson and never speak again. The redhead... more
              • Who was it who chose their partner in the first place???Cora Procella [Aquila], Fri Feb 7 23:56
                Cora was puzzled as Alannah insulted her. Cora's hair was, as always, in a braid pulled tightly to the back of her head. Surely it couldn't be that bad. Cora swiveled around to check her reflection... more
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