Cora Procella [Aquila]
Merlin Indeed (for Cora is a Muggleborn)
Tue Jan 28, 2014 21:40

"Alright," Cora replied confusedly to the girl that had approached her very suddenly, "I'm Cora, what's your name?"

Certainly the way the other girl had chosen Cora as her partner was a little odd, but Cora didn't care. It stopped her from being alone and partnerless. And Cora really liked meeting new people-- the transition to RMI had forced her into making lots more friends, which had increased her social confidence to a level even higher than what it had been in her old muggle school, a situation where everyone knew everyone.

"Do you have any experience with cameras?" Cora asked the older girl, "if not, I can handle it, I'm pretty used to cameras." A little evilly and arrogantly, Cora hoped that this girl would have no clue what she was doing. She was both a first year and a muggleborn, and both things seemed to place her far down on the pecking order at RMI. She was anxious to prove herself, and what better way to do so than to take over and lead this project?

Leading was another thing Cora loved, and it tended to get in the way. Because she was the younger one in the situation, it would be natual to let the other girl lead. But Cora wanted to take charge. And besides, to Cora, the girl really didnt look like she cared a whole lot for this particular event.

  • Oh Merlin!Alannah Pendergast, Tue Jan 28 14:39
    Alannah Pendergast hated Cultural Studies, she thought it was a silly class and Miss. Blair was such an odd person. The second year, didnít want to go to Pearl Street, and she especially didnít want... more
    • Merlin Indeed (for Cora is a Muggleborn) — Cora Procella [Aquila], Tue Jan 28 21:40
      • I don't think so. Alannah, Thu Jan 30 19:36
        Alannah frowned when the girl Cora introduced herself, and asked her name. Was she dense or something? They had been in classes all year together! ďI am Alannah Pendergast.Ē the green eyed girl said... more
        • We seem to... disagree.. on certain thingsCora Procella [Aquila], Thu Jan 30 23:32
          "I am Alannah Pendergast." The other girl said to Cora with an attitude. She must have expected Cora to already know her. Cora didn't see how this was possible. Sure, they had been in classes... more
          • Who cares?Alannah, Sun Feb 2 11:08
            Alannah looked over at the little Mudblood who seemed to realize that Alannah wasnít one of her little friends. That was good, they would do this imbecilic lesson and never speak again. The redhead... more
            • Who was it who chose their partner in the first place???Cora Procella [Aquila], Fri Feb 7 23:56
              Cora was puzzled as Alannah insulted her. Cora's hair was, as always, in a braid pulled tightly to the back of her head. Surely it couldn't be that bad. Cora swiveled around to check her reflection... more
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