Arnold Bittleby (Cetus)
If you don't mind!
Wed Jan 29, 2014 19:38

As much as Arnold had enjoyed being home for the holidays, he was glad to be back at RMI. Just as he had hoped, his father had been exceedingly proud of the fact that he had been sorted into Cetus and that he had made the Quidditch team as Seeker. It was nice to roam the familiar woods behind his home, but Arnold had to admit that he missed the oddities at school. Unlike several of the other students, Arnold had actually completed almost all of his holiday assignment over the actual break. There was much complaining from Emily as he attempted to help her finish her Potions assignment before it was due.

Arnold was relieved to once again be on a schedule. Though he didn’t necessarily like homework, he was pleased to have something to do when he wasn’t practicing Quidditch. Classes resumed their general monotony… well until today, of course. Instead of sitting in a classroom, the students were instead going to Pearl Street. He had yet to see the world above RMI, and the idea of a scavenger hunt didn’t sound too terrible.

Feeling very much like a dog because of the bracelets they had to wear, Arnold ambled amongst the crowd of students, hoping to find someone to work with. He scanned the crowd for Emily, but he couldn’t see her. Knowing her, she had already found someone to run off with. He began to fear that he might have to talk to someone he didn’t know when a familiar shout caught his attention.

Arnold had worked with Beka during one of their Defense Against the Dark Arts classes where she had saved him from being eaten by tripping him. It wasn’t the most graceful save ever, but it had been effective (and painful). Before anyone else could respond to her cry for partnership, Arnold scurried over and waved.

“I’ll work with you! If you don’t mind, of course,” he added hastily. “I’m pretty good at finding things, I think.” He pointed up to a muggle security camera that was positioned above Beka’s head. “Think we’re being watched?”

  • Partners? Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Wed Jan 29 17:29
    Beka was excited to be back to RMI. She loved her family, and of course she had been happy to see them again (not to mention the fact that her dad had gotten her another appliance to take apart... more
    • If you don't mind! — Arnold Bittleby (Cetus), Wed Jan 29 19:38
      • Course I don't mind!Beka Hiemer, Thu Jan 30 11:30
        Beka grinned happily as she saw the friend-of-Emily's (Arnold, as she was pretty sure his name was) do the quick step to get over to her. She didn't really know Arnold that well, but almost getting... more
        • Then let the searching begin!Arnold, Sun Feb 2 09:18
          Arnold sighed in relief as Beka enthusiastically assured him that she didn’t mind being partners. He still hadn’t gotten used to her rapid-fire speech. Beka knew how to draw attention to herself and... more
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