Beka Hiemer
Course I don't mind!
Thu Jan 30, 2014 11:30

Beka grinned happily as she saw the friend-of-Emily's (Arnold, as she was pretty sure his name was) do the quick step to get over to her. She didn't really know Arnold that well, but almost getting eaten together forms a bond that was hard to describe (probably because it was indiscribable, and not that common either) and as like herself as Emily was, Beka still trusted her judgement.

Beka pushed herself enthusiasticly of the table (perhaps a little to enthusiasticly, as she almost fell forward) and flashed a brilliant smile at Arnold. "Course I want to partner," she said laughing, "If I didn't why would I have been shouting?" One of the muggles that had looked at her strangly was still pearing through the glass of the shop to the class of children. Their expression seemed to say, 'Who brought the lunatic barn in?' Beka thought this was a little rich for somebody who was wearing bright pink overalls and high heels.

Beka glanced up at the black little half-spere on the ceiling and nodded, "Yep! That is definitely a security camera. I've taken one of those apart before. Remember never to put the red and blue wire together near a wand and a oven..." Beka did a little involuntary shudder at the memory (her father had been livid,) "...very bad idea!" She sneaked a side glance at Arnold and grinned. "We probably are being watched, I wouldn't put anything past Professor Blair."

Beka mentally ran down the list in her pocket, trying to remember what they needed to take pictures of. She couldn't remember any specifics, but she thought that they might need to take a picture of the security camera. She didn't want to rush anything though. Normally she'd turn this into some type of get-back-first competition, but as this was her first trip into an actual outside world she was fully planning on staying out as long long long as possible. She didn't want to overdue the limit, as she wasn't exactly sure how to get back down into RMI, but she wasn't exactly planning on getting back when the teacher told them to. Professor Blair would wait for them...right?

Still, Beka fuzzily was pretty sure that Arnold was a more focused student than Emily and herself, and she didn't want to make any enemies by holding them back in class. She supposed she could always tell Arnold that she wanted to stay out longer, and that he could too if he wanted, but if he said no, could drop him at the endpoint and give Professor Blair the slip.†

"I'm pretty sure a security camera's on the list of...searchiness. Do you know how to use these things?" Beka held up her desposable camera, smiling. "I've tried using a real one before, and I guess it worked out okay..." (Beka had desided that mentioning that it's lense had cracked, most of it's buttons had come of, and that the little black thing that saved the data had come out was not a good idea. In her defense she had been six.) "...but I've never used one of these before."

OOC: Sorry for any grammar and spelling oriented mistakes. I was rushing to post this. :)

  • If you don't mind!Arnold Bittleby (Cetus), Wed Jan 29 19:38
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    • Course I don't mind! — Beka Hiemer, Thu Jan 30 11:30
      • Then let the searching begin!Arnold, Sun Feb 2 09:18
        Arnold sighed in relief as Beka enthusiastically assured him that she didnít mind being partners. He still hadnít gotten used to her rapid-fire speech. Beka knew how to draw attention to herself and... more
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