Then let the searching begin!
Sun Feb 2, 2014 09:18

Arnold sighed in relief as Beka enthusiastically assured him that she didn’t mind being partners. He still hadn’t gotten used to her rapid-fire speech. Beka knew how to draw attention to herself and seemed to love it. Contrarily, Arnold knew how to blend into a crown and remain unnoticed.

He laughed at Beka’s story about the security camera. Arnold found it interesting that she liked to tinker with objects; he had never met someone with that hobby before.

At the mention of Professor Blair, Arnold rolled his eyes. “Yeah, she’s my Head of House, so I get to deal with her a lot. You get used to her after a while. I mean, I think she has our best interests at heart.” He shrugged, unsure of whether or not his assumption was correct. Generally Professor Blair seemed to have a sort of resentment for children, though she had been in a much better mood lately.

Arnold decided not to question the witch’s mood change so long as it allowed him to wander outside of RMI for a while. He had briefly visited Pearl Street with his parents, but he didn’t get to see nearly as much as he wanted to then. Hopefully Beka wouldn’t mind exploring for a while—Emily was very competitive, so she would probably have him sprinting down sidewalks by now. Beka seemed to be pretty relaxed about the whole thing though, so he figured they could take their time.

“Yeah, I used to use disposable cameras all the time. I liked to take pictures of the woods behind my house with them. Here, let me see it.” Arnold took the camera and showed her how to wind the film up before snapping a picture of the security camera. “See? It’s pretty simple once you know what you’re doing.”

He started walking slowly, continuing to scope out things on the “list of searchiness.” Most of these things wouldn’t be too difficult to find.

“Oh, I’m Arnold, by the way, just in case you didn’t know. I don’t think we’ve ever officially met.”

Right as he said that, a muggle police officer crossed the street in front of them. Feigning casualness, he held up the camera and “nonchalantly” took a picture of the man in blue.

OOC: Sorry I didn’t post this sooner! I’ve got loads of stuff to get done, but I’ll try and be as prompt as possible :)

  • Course I don't mind!Beka Hiemer, Thu Jan 30 11:30
    Beka grinned happily as she saw the friend-of-Emily's (Arnold, as she was pretty sure his name was) do the quick step to get over to her. She didn't really know Arnold that well, but almost getting... more
    • Then let the searching begin! — Arnold, Sun Feb 2 09:18
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