Tucker Brogren
An outing. (Tag Ren)
Tue Feb 4, 2014 15:05

Tucker was not at all a romantic guy. Nor did he have much money, though he'd been told if he didn't blow it all at the arcade, he'd have more. However, the Aquila was good at arcade games and did not want to give them up. Still, he was a normal, red-blooded teenage boy and he liked girls a lot. A lot of them were cute, but for some reason, Tucker didn't care for most of their personalities much. Most people-and not just the wealthy purebloods-seemed to have an awfully high opinion of themselves. He himself wasn't exactly lacking in self esteem but some people way over did it. Either that or they were spoken for and while not the kindest most sensitive guy around-because that wasn't very macho-he did have some standards.

Fortunately there was one girl that Tucker had spoken to who was both attractive and didn't have an abhorent personality. Nor was she with anyone else, though there something weird going on with her, that guy who didn't talk and Melinda's snotty roommate. That was Ren Locke. The sixth year had sent her a message to meet him here on Pearl Street, at the arcade of course. It wasn't because it was the place that they'd first met as that hadn't occurred to him really, it was because it was where he tended to be when not in class-and occasionally he skipped Cultural Studies, because it tended to be Muggle culture they learned and if Tucker wanted to know about Muggles he'd ask his aunt or cousins- and therefore, the first place he'd thought of. Besides, it would give him something to do while he waited for Ren.

Once she got here, they didn't have to stay here. They could do other things though he wanted to eat something because well, his stomach ruled Tucker more than any other part of his body save for one. Still, having a bunch of sisters had taught him to give women what they wanted, otherwise they got scary. There were times when females wanted to make him run away screaming.

Of course, it would have to be a cheap outing. He simply didn't have the means to do anything fancy. Nor had Tucker ever been interested in anything that was so. He found it all to be pretentious and stuffy. He didn't belong in that world and didn't want to. The Aquila considered himself a down-to-earth, red meat eating, rough and tough sort and didn't care for anything hoity-toity. He just hoped Ren was the same way.Tucker had no desire to make her miserable, given that she'd done nothing to provoke him at all and was admittedly the closest thing to a friend he had. Not that he was the sentimental sort, but she was someone he didn't mind having around.

He headed to the skee-ball machines to play at least until Ren showed up. The Aquila had a natural talent for these games and he didn't even have to cheat and use magic. Of course, he did practice quite a bit and though he wasn't bad at most of his classes, there were ones he didn't care about as much as this.Granted, Tucker had dropped most those after STOATS and really now it was just Cultural Studies he didn't care about. Still, he was not generally a studious person anyway, that was more Ben's thing.

The Aquila hoped he wouldn't have to wait that long. It helped that he could find lots to do in the meantime but he was getting pretty hungry. Hopefully, Ren would get here soon . As soon as he finished his game, he scanned the room for the girl in question...

    • About time!Serenity Locke, Tue Mar 4 17:37
      Jamming her finger into the call button for the elevator seemed like the best thing to do. The fifteen year old was actually getting impatient, something that she rarely was. It was in moments like... more
      • It certainly is.Tucker, Tue Apr 1 16:53
        Aside from the fact that Tucker was getting hungry-he seemed to be always hungry- and wished Ren would show up soon, he really wasn't angry about waiting for her. Not that he considered himself... more
        • Let's make use of it then, yeah?Ren, Sun Apr 20 20:53
          ”Pizza sounds great.” Serenity grinned and replied with an enthusiastic reply and started moving toward the arcade exit. She was really glad that Tucker was hungry too. She found herself glancing... more
          • Use of Fuzzy Time, that is.Tucker, Fri May 9 14:26
            Tucker couldn't help noticing she kept glancing over at him. As he had yet to eat, he doubted that he had food on his face and knew he was zit-free. So, that meant it had to be a good thing and this... more
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