Jesse Ramos
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Thu Feb 27, 2014 14:23

Jesse Ramos stood at the elevator to Pearl Street at 10:55, the Saturday after the Study Hall he had asked Kejan out in. The Cuban boy wore a red dress shirt, with the Madre de Aguas embroidered over the left pocket. The Madre de Aguas, was a giant boa constrictor that had two horns on it’s head. It happened to be the Ramos family symbol, and was on every Ramos product. Jesse was a Ramos product in a way so his Uncle had branded him. There were shirts, socks, cufflinks, hell even his robes held one.

Yet, Jesse didn’t mind he was proud of his last name. He had a nice pair of black slacks on with pair of black dress shoes. His black belt had the Madre de Aguas in gold around it. His brown hair was combed perfectly to the side, slung across his one arm was a nice black sports coat. He would put it on if he needed it out on Pearl Street, or if Kejan needed a coat he would give it up to her.

The third year had told Kejan to meet him at the elevator at eleven am, their movie was at 11:45. Jesse had chosen to take Kejan to some romance movie, hoping she would at least like it. The Aquila loved the movies, even some of the less action ones. After the movie he would take her to the diner for sundaes It seemed like a decent first date at least, he just prayed the Pureblood girl didn’t mind Muggly things. Maybe it was a bad idea to date the Pureblood? He thought a second before he caught a glimpse of the super blonde hair. “Too late now.” he mumbled to himself as he smiled at his yearrmate. “Good morning, you look pretty today!”

    • Ready or notKejan Szyszko, Mon Mar 10 11:08
      When it came to the world of fashion, Kejan considered herself to be right on top. Her wardrobe tended to be more on the formal side, the result of a combination of cultural traditions and familial... more
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