Professor Liam West
One for sorrow... [Years 6-7]
Mon Mar 3, 2014 17:47

Liam leaned against the wall near the elevator to Pearl Street. He had instructed his advanced students to meet him there at their usual class time, prepped to be outside in the brisk air. He was taking them to the muggle street above them to teach this particular lesson. It was harder to get them to earn the art of bird watching while they were in a dim light classroom with a bunch of stuffy almost-graduates. His eyes swept over the accumulating students, assuming that most-if not all- were in attendance. For those who had skipped his class or neglected to pay enough attention to know they were not going to be in the school, they were simply left behind to discover that there was nothing for them.

The professor pushed off the wall, advancing towards his students and making a quick headcount simply so he knew how many students he was monitoring. With that done he motioned for them to come to attention. His initial schpeel was short. Don’t stray too far, don’t steal things, no sneaking off to snog some idiot. He kept it simple, these were his advanced students and he knew that they were aware of his expectations for them. His younger students were allowed some grace, they were young and stupid just as all children were, but he expected much, much more from his older kids.

“Right,” he said, pushing the call button for the elevator. “Today we’ll be bird watching. Augury is the method of looking for signs in the flight patterns or behavior of birds. You’ll be watching them and recording your findings. Remember to stay with a partner or in a group of three and don’t get lost. I expect you all back promptly at the end of class. Also, seeing as this is more of a –fun- event, each of you has to write me a paper on the five different auspices and the origins of the practice. Got it? Good. Go.”

The elevator dinged and he let his students go ahead, hoping that without him immediately hovering that they would take some type of interest in this subject. Liam had never really been fond of birds; found that they were just pests with feathers who decided that humans were perfect targets for their business. Nonetheless, the man made his way through the Pearl Street bookstore and out into the street. Nearby a magpie landed, followed quickly by another.

One for sorrow, two for joy…

Liam moved into an area that wasn’t crowded but where he could keep an eye on his students. He, much like many of his pupils, was dressed in more muggle clothing in order to blend in. It earned him less stares as he had left the area that a mass of kids had just abandoned. It was a wonder they never got any strange questions from people. As he pulled himself up onto a low wall, another three birds landed in the same vicinity as the first two.

Three for a girl, four for a boy, five for silver…

Liam shook his head; it wasn’t like he believed in it anyway.

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