Serenity Locke
About time!
Tue Mar 4, 2014 17:37

Jamming her finger into the call button for the elevator seemed like the best thing to do. The fifteen year old was actually getting impatient, something that she rarely was. It was in moments like this, when certain things moved slowly for the jittery girl, that she let irritation shine through a normally calm disposition. After a few odd stares from people passing by, Serenity let her hand fall to her side as she started playing with the hem of her shirt. As soon as the elevator doors slid open, accompanied by the pinging noise, Serenity was inside and once more jamming her finger into the button.

The elevator lurched upward and the Lyra resulted once more to toying with the bottom of her tank top. The black fabric felt foreign between her fingers, becoming unnoticeable as she zoned out. She wasn’t nervous, she was late. If it weren’t for stupid Charline trying to set her up with equally stupid Logan then she would have been at Pearl Street by now. But no, Charline just had to corner her in the common room and insist on stupid things and then Serenity had felt obligated to humor her and then when Charline had almost insisted on coming with her, Serenity had snapped. She’d be perfectly happy if she’d never met Charline.

The door to the elevator pinged and slid open, allowing Serenity to slide out into the Pearl Street bookstore. She dodged around the few people in the store, quickly exiting the shop and weaving her way through the crowd. Her book bag was hindering her and she found herself once more cursing Charline Adler. If it weren’t for her interruption, the Lyra would have just dropped her bag off in her room and then been able to just head right over to the arcade. She supposed, in a way, that she had to thank the stuck up girl. She’d given Serenity the means to find a piece of herself and hold onto it as opposed to just a fleeting dance with the confidence she now had. She wasn’t sure how Charline would react or if something bad would come of it, but it didn’t really matter to Serenity.

Her stomach rumbled and she looked longingly to the outlets along the street. She’d meant to grab something to eat before she’d left Pearl Street, but of course that was just another thing that Charline had made impossible. She just hoped that Tucker was hungry and considering he was a teenager, she figured he would be. She had this really strong craving for pizza and would buy some for herself I he didn’t want anything. The Lyra couldn’t recall the last time she had been this hungry, but she supposed that practically running from the common room to where she was now had added to her initial hunger.

She reached the arcade and slipped inside, eyesight adjusting to the dim lighting. She scanned initially for Tucker, wandering in among the gamers and machines. She caught sight of him standing over by the skee-ball machines and she gave a slight wave before making her way over to him. Once more she cursed the weight on her shoulder and wished she could get rid of it. She really didn’t have any intention at this point of using the ASL books, and besides, she could partially use the language already. But no one else needed to know that. She stopped beside Tucker, rolling up onto the balls of her feet and letting her arms flop gently to her sides.

“Hey you,” she said grinning as she pushed some hair out of her face. He looked like she remembered and the Australian was glad that he was still here. She’d been momentarily afraid that maybe he had left when she hadn’t shown. “Do you wanna grab a bite to eat? I’m pretty hungry and to be honest, pizza sounds really good to me right now.”

OOC: Sorry for the delay, had to do the thread in Lyra with Charline. But here we go :D

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    • About time! — Serenity Locke, Tue Mar 4 17:37
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          ”Pizza sounds great.” Serenity grinned and replied with an enthusiastic reply and started moving toward the arcade exit. She was really glad that Tucker was hungry too. She found herself glancing... more
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