Kejan Szyszko
Ready or not
Mon Mar 10, 2014 11:08

When it came to the world of fashion, Kejan considered herself to be right on top. Her wardrobe tended to be more on the formal side, the result of a combination of cultural traditions and familial expectations, but the almost fourteen-year-old had developed a good taste for the style and generally felt at ease planning outfits that were both formal and flattering. Today, however, she was feeling... definitely less than at ease. What exactly was one supposed to wear on a date? That wasn't something they had gone over in her etiquette lessons back home! And her brother, as expected, had offered little advice on the topic, the dunce (though his lack of interest in anything but Quidditch was vaguely satisfying to her, proof that some things would never change).

Fiddling with the ends of her hair in front of the bathroom mirror, she spent several tense moments debating whether or not to free her hair from its usual braids before deciding to stick with what she knew. The two white-blonde pleats were familiar, comfortable. That settled, she gave herself a final look over. From her closet she had chosen a lavender knee-length dress, with tights underneath and feet tucked into a pair of nice flats, which was a bit simpler than what she normally liked to wear, but it was a Muggle venue that Jesse was taking her to. The Pureblood's nose wrinkled at the thought of it. This date with Jesse was her first; he not only had been very nice to her but also came from a good background, so when asked, she had been willing enough to give the Muggle cinema a chance - but she wasn't going to enjoy it. Not in the least.

'It's time.' Mentally bracing herself for their soon arrival onto Pearl Street, Kejan headed down the hall towards the elevator. Jesse's greeting reassured her that she had dressed appropriately, lingering doubts washed away in the satisfaction of her apparent continued fashion superiority, and she returned his smile with a little curtsey. "Tank you, Jesse. You do not look half bad yourself." She recognized the horned snake embroidery on his shirt almost immediately - it was the same emblem as the one he often had on his clothes - and the red and black was a good combination on him. "Are you ready to go up, zhen?" she asked, glancing at the elevator. 'Maybe he'll say no. Maybe he's changed his mind and we can do something else, stay here with proper company instead...'

  • Date time (Tag Kejan) Jesse Ramos, Thu Feb 27 14:23
    Jesse Ramos stood at the elevator to Pearl Street at 10:55, the Saturday after the Study Hall he had asked Kejan out in. The Cuban boy wore a red dress shirt, with the Madre de Aguas embroidered over ... more
    • Ready or not — Kejan Szyszko, Mon Mar 10 11:08
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