Ika Blackburn [Draco]
Here’s hoping for joy
Mon Mar 10, 2014 23:05

Ika didn’t usually go into Foretelling Arts looking for a sign. Today was different. She had three acceptance letters—from the Wizarding Parks Service, a university in Florida, and from a joint degree-internship with a zoo and college in Chicago—burning a hole in her book bag, and her deadline to accept was getting closer. She’d talked to Keith and Rosetta and Marisol and her parents and even Irene and Anders about it, but the blonde still wasn’t sure.

If she stayed in Florida she’d be near her family, which would be nice after spending seven years a few thousand miles from them. (Of course, that just meant Marisol and their parents, since Keith was in Maryland and Rosetta was in California, but still.) Nevada and Chicago were so far away… but there were a lot of good reasons to go. Working with the parks for two years would be amazing, and there was a lot of room to get rehired by them afterwards. The program in Chicago—where she spent part of her time in class and the rest working for a wizarding zoo—meant she could get experience and a degree, and if money wasn’t a problem it would be the best case scenario.

But money was a problem, even with the few scholarships she’d gotten. Since she wouldn’t be a regular, full-time student, Chicago wouldn’t provide housing, so she’d have to find somewhere to live on her own. Her state university was cheaper, and they had a good magizoology program. She could even commute from home if she stayed in state—Apparating to and from Illinois every day would be exhausting if not impossible, but it would probably be fine if she stayed in Florida. None of her relatives in Florida had fireplaces (the coldest it got was forty degrees, so there was no point in having one), which meant Floo wasn’t much of an option.

So today she was birdwatching for some kind of sign—and maybe it wasn’t the best idea to base this decision on auspices, but they couldn’t hurt. Ika had her handy book of bird behavior interpretation, and it didn’t take long for a pair of large black birds to land on top of the nearby ice cream parlor. Ika looked uncertainly between the birds and the picture in her book before consulting the student next to her. “Are those ravens or crows? I can’t tell from here.”

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    • Here’s hoping for joy — Ika Blackburn [Draco], Mon Mar 10 23:05
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