It certainly is.
Tue Apr 1, 2014 16:53

Aside from the fact that Tucker was getting hungry-he seemed to be always hungry- and wished Ren would show up soon, he really wasn't angry about waiting for her. Not that he considered himself always a patient person but he tended to get more impatient with things like having to do homework. There was a reason he'd dropped Potions. It took too long. Like cooking, but more masculine. Plus, girls were always late because they had to take time to look nice. Melinda was particularly insufferable this way and even Alison, who was the most efficient of the three oldest girls in terms of getting ready, got super annoyed at her.

He hoped, however, that Ren was more like Ali than Melinda. Or Poppy who was the other extreme. Tucker wasn't at all into the incredibly fake high maintenance type-which was what he liked about the Lyra in the first place,that she didn't seem to be-but he did like them to actually wear clean clothing, unless there was camping involved. The second year did wash but didn't seem to care about wearing things that were stained or ripped and probably would wear them multiple times without being washed if she wasn't reminded. Tucker wished Melinda wouldn't get all shrieky about it though and he was sure Ali was glad they were both at school because she hated listening to them.

His stomach grumbled. Fortunately, that was when he noticed Ren standing beside him. "Hey there." The Aquila greeted her casually. She looked good. Presentable and clean without being overly done up. Just the way Tucker liked. Plus, she was wearing a tank top. Tank tops were hot. Which interestingly enough was when girls tended to wear them, in the summer when it was hot. Which was why it was his favorite season. Because girls tended to wear less clothing. Unfortunately, that tended to apply to his sisters and older women too but for the most part it was a good thing.

And Ren seemed to be on the same wavelength as him too, which was always a plus. Tucker didn't exactly shy away from conflict if it was presented but he didn't go looking for it, especially with women, who had moments of irrationality. Nor did he want it with a girl who he considered a friend and wanted to have a good time with. "Pizza sounds great." He replied. In fact, at this particular moment, Tucker couldn't think of anything he wanted more. After he got some pizza in him, he might change his mind.

He noticed the bags Ren was carrying for the first time. "What's in there?" The Aquila asked, a bit curious. Had she been shopping or something already? Brought along something to study ? Tucker hoped to Merlin that she found him more interesting than school. "And do you want me to carry it?" He offered, figuring that he could be at least that much of a gentleman.

  • About time!Serenity Locke, Tue Mar 4 17:37
    Jamming her finger into the call button for the elevator seemed like the best thing to do. The fifteen year old was actually getting impatient, something that she rarely was. It was in moments like... more
    • It certainly is. — Tucker, Tue Apr 1 16:53
      • Let's make use of it then, yeah?Ren, Sun Apr 20 20:53
        ”Pizza sounds great.” Serenity grinned and replied with an enthusiastic reply and started moving toward the arcade exit. She was really glad that Tucker was hungry too. She found herself glancing... more
        • Use of Fuzzy Time, that is.Tucker, Fri May 9 14:26
          Tucker couldn't help noticing she kept glancing over at him. As he had yet to eat, he doubted that he had food on his face and knew he was zit-free. So, that meant it had to be a good thing and this... more
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