Let's make use of it then, yeah?
Sun Apr 20, 2014 20:53

”Pizza sounds great.”

Serenity grinned and replied with an enthusiastic reply and started moving toward the arcade exit. She was really glad that Tucker was hungry too. She found herself glancing over at him quite frequently. It wasn’t odd, considering they were on an outing together, but under normal circumstances it would be strange for the Lyra. She couldn’t help but notice how much more time she spent looking at Tucker than she did at Logan, not that she was comparing them in anyway. And even if she was, she was fairly certain that Tucker would win every comparison at this point in time.

It was nice to have someone to actually talk to. Considering that Serenity didn’t really have many friends, and those that were her friends tended to be quiet, Tucker was a really nice change. She just wished they would hang out more often so that she could have some type of fun. Sure, she liked hanging out with the other people sometimes, but she needed some type of excitement and she just wasn’t getting it from them. Besides, she really did like Tucker more than them.

She walked on, assuming that he was beside her. Pizza was her number one goal at the moment because the rumbling in her stomach had become uncomfortable. Serenity wasn’t one to complain about those types of things. Hunger, headaches and anything else that caused discomfort or pain were just a part of life, so why moan about it? It was why, when Tucker offered to carry her bag that had been slamming against her leg for the period that they were walking, she shook her head.

“It’s just a sliver of my own stupidity,” she answered simply, shrugging her shoulders. “And a large piece of Charline Adler’s pushy personality. I swear that woman…” Serenity trailed off with an annoyed noise before shifting the bag so it could knock into her other leg. “She tried to set me up with Logan Brophy with these stupid American Sign Language books. I’d actually meant to drop the bag off in my room but she intercepted me and they ended up in the bag. I sort of told her off about it though and I’m pretty sure she hates me now. Oh well, I never really liked her anyway, much too female and complain-y about life. So unless you really want to carry it, it’s okay you don’t have too.”

The Australian girl shrugged as a final note. At this point, she was fairly certain that she had bored Tucker to death. No guy wanted to hear about all that nonsense. It was boring and feminine and Serenity wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t really say anything else. The fifth year shifted uncomfortably, wishing the topic had never come up and cursing Charline for what seemed like the millionth time that day.

“Sorry,” she said by way of apology. “So, change of topic, what else do you do besides eat pizza and play arcade games?” Serenity paused for a moment before adding: “Although just that doesn’t sound like that bad of a time.”

  • It certainly is.Tucker, Tue Apr 1 16:53
    Aside from the fact that Tucker was getting hungry-he seemed to be always hungry- and wished Ren would show up soon, he really wasn't angry about waiting for her. Not that he considered himself... more
    • Let's make use of it then, yeah? — Ren, Sun Apr 20 20:53
      • Use of Fuzzy Time, that is.Tucker, Fri May 9 14:26
        Tucker couldn't help noticing she kept glancing over at him. As he had yet to eat, he doubted that he had food on his face and knew he was zit-free. So, that meant it had to be a good thing and this... more
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