Logan Brophy
Looks like rain
Tue May 6, 2014 21:27

Logan told himself very firmly that he was not sulking. He was extremely aware of the fact that he hadn’t heard from Savannah in two weeks and six days, and maybe that had put him in a snappish mood, but he wasn’t sulking. The sixth-year did feel like he was going to go completely insane if he didn’t get out and do something, though, so he packed up his harp and folding stool and headed for Pearl Street.

Busking was an all-day endeavor for Logan. If you just played the flute or the violin or something, you could probably just stroll out of the building whenever you pleased. Getting a harp that was only a few inches shorter than his five-foot-nine from the Common Room to the elevator was a major production, so he tried to pick good-weather days.

Today he’d been in such a bad mood when he left that he’d forgotten one of the first lessons RMI students learned: the windows in Lyra didn’t match the real weather. Logan didn’t quite walk out of the bookstore into a gale, but the clouds looked threatening and he had a bad feeling about how long he’d be able to stay out. He’d come all this way and it wasn’t raining yet, so the blond set out a top hat he’d borrowed from the costume room (the harp case was a little big to collect money in; no matter how much he collected, it looked paltry, and that didn’t inspire more tips) and prepared to play.

As weird as this part of Boulder was, a harper was a novelty, and the coins thrown casually into his hat were soon clinking against a thick layer of Knuts and Sickles he’d already earned. The sky stayed cloudy but rainless. After dealing with a few requests, Logan took all his music books out of his bag and put them next to the hat with a sign (written in blue ink on a napkin from an artisanal pretzel vendor) that read “I take requests from these songbooks.” His entire repertoire wasn’t in these books—which ranged from Broadway to the Beatles to the Beach Boys to Brahms—but it was easier than having six different people approach to ask him to do a Celestina Warbeck song.

He was on a retuning break (humidity wreaked havoc on his strings) when an RMI student approached. Logan waved without looking up and gestured to his sign, hoping they would notice his prominently placed books of folk music. No one had requested anything Celtic yet, and while he didn’t expect anyone from his generation to do so—well, a guy could hope.

    • Looks Like I'm Back (?)Grace Sanford-Kamiya, Sun Jun 1 12:25
      So it wasn’t that Grace expected something different after she was held back for a year. She didn’t even know that that was something RMI did. No one mentioned it happening before, but apparently her ... more
      • Gee, it’s good to be together againLogan, Sun Jun 1 19:11
        Logan had gotten the same impression from everyone at home. Celeste, Lia, Hyana, all nine of the Mattingly brothers, even his parents… the message was unequivocal. You need to take care of Grace.... more
        • Grace flipped through the pages, as though she could read sheet music, like it really fascinated her. She didn’t recognize much, except a few titles here and there. It had to be a book of Celtic... more
          • Best news I’ve had all dayLogan, Tue Jun 3 16:35
            Logan pulled the harp onto its back legs again and started to play Danny Boy , adding occasional ornamentation with his left hand. People liked the song—sometimes they cried, and when people felt all ... more
            • It's the simple things in lifeGrace, Tue Jun 3 20:20
              Grace hummed along with the familiar Danny Boy as Logan played. Her humming was less off key than her actual singing. It was sad, really. If Grace was anywhere close to decent, she and Logan could be ... more
              • Tis a gift to be simpleLogan, Fri Jun 6 19:37
                Logan spent most of his life being steered by women. When it wasn’t Celeste and Lia and Savannah in Boston and New York, it was Charline and Grace at RMI. Almost surprisingly, his mother was the... more
                • Tis a gift to be free?Grace, Sat Jun 7 22:59
                  Grace patiently waited for the answer to her question. Sometimes, due to the sign language thing and the need for a free hand, their conversations had a slowness to them. It didn’t bother her, which... more
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