Use of Fuzzy Time, that is.
Fri May 9, 2014 14:26

Tucker couldn't help noticing she kept glancing over at him. As he had yet to eat, he doubted that he had food on his face and knew he was zit-free. So, that meant it had to be a good thing and this pleased him. Admittedly, the Aquila liked looking at Ren too. She was pretty and in a nice down-to-earth way. She was also admittedly the only person aside from his siblings-and he got sick of them at times especially at the beginning of the school year-that he had much desire to talk to.

And he was really glad that her bag didn't contain actual schoolwork. That would have been like maybe not the ultimate insult but it would be on the list. However, at the mention of Charline Adler, Tucker made a face. "Oh not her . My sister Melinda is her roommate. I assure you she's not a fan. The mention of her makes Melinda swear like Patience Anders and the word hypocrite comes up quite a bit. Like Charline is supposed to be a pureblood fanatic and she's all buddy buddy with Reece Campell and Logan. Who are definitely not purebloods, let alone Charline's kind."

"And what's it to her who you date?" Tucker asked, not entirely happy with this idea of his sister's roommate's in the first place. It made him feel a twinge of...something? Jealousy perhaps? And as far he was concerned, as inarticulate as he could be, he had one thing that he could always beat Logan in-Tucker was a much better conversationalist. He could give Ren that, Logan couldn't. "And why does she want you to date him in the first place?" Maybe Logan was interested in Ren and again the Aquila felt a twinge annoyance at the boy-and Charline too.

"See that trash can over there?" Tucker pointed, smirking. "Take that book and toss it on in." He thought for a second. "Or I could give it to my brother Ben. He might enjoy it. He likes learning. About anything. However, then we'd still have to carry the *appling* thing around. Trust me, there's only one sign you need to know and by all means, feel free to demonstrate it to Charline Adler."

He grinned as she agreed that eating pizza and playing arcade games sounded like a good time. She liked to do the same things he did. At least one of the things anyway"Well, I'm also into camping and just generally being outside. I like to ride horses. And eat things other than pizza. I'm a meat and potatoes kind of guy but I also like junk food. Oh and I like amusement parks. I'm from Gatlinburg, Tenessee and along Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, we're a trio of tourist towns that run together." Tucker looked at Ren. "So how about you? What do you like to do?"

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    ”Pizza sounds great.” Serenity grinned and replied with an enthusiastic reply and started moving toward the arcade exit. She was really glad that Tucker was hungry too. She found herself glancing... more
    • Use of Fuzzy Time, that is. — Tucker, Fri May 9 14:26
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