Amelia Knight
Cryptic collision
Mon May 26, 2014 19:17

At first, she shut her eyes against a world to which she did not belong. Amelia barely tolerated her own and feared this second world, one which she had hid from for her entire life. This Muggle world, their customs she did not understand, offered new possibilities, but options scared her. She missed her life of pure puppethood, where her existence was not hers but her father’s to command, and things were easy.

But she had strayed too far for that now. Amelia stepped cautiously down Pearl Street, farther than she had ever gone before. Many of the shops she had seen from the outside, a few she had entered, and some she had lurked behind, her back pushed to their walls with Leo crashed against her. But there was a firm difference between hiding behind and hiding in, and with her first option long gone now, she chose the second.

With Niccolo graduated, she was not hiding from a someone. Her prior year was painful enough, tolerating his touch and biting her lip to repress someone else’s name in a moment of weakness, a moment she could not afford. Now it was a something from which she hid, from an entire society.

Her sanity had suffered from over a year of guilt and deceit, lies upon lies that she had to tell not only Niccolo but Aerin and Ika, the “I’m okay”s that never meant “I’m okay”. The screaming in the night had stopped, but she still slept under Silencing charms, just in case.

She had progressed into a relationship with Inigo she could no longer quite identify. Sometimes it felt like love, but the blonde wondered if that affection was itself an illusion, a side effect from trusting and confiding so purely in a person. Everything Amelia had dared feel or think, Inigo had heard. Whether he realized it or not, he might have known her better than she did; she did not know who she was anymore.

But Pearl Street was not magic, and Pearl Street was not her world. Here she was safe . She rush through--she was always rushing, always fleeing--and suddenly was rushing no more, instead a minute distance away from her original coordinate and seated on the ground. Confused and sore, she blinked away the vertigo and glanced around. There was someone else here, someone into whom she must have run. “Oh, I-I’m sorry,” she offered weakly, not noticing her own trembling words, blue eyes connecting momentarily with the other person’s before sliding away. The brief look at their face provided familiarity: a fellow student.

Amelia began to stand up, but sudden pain flared viciously in her left knee, and she collapsed, the trauma etching momentarily into her features. “Oh dear. I-I think I’ve t-twisted it,” she stated primarily to herself, as if she could not simply observe the incident, both inside and outside herself. She dared commit to another visual contact with the person with whom she collided. “Could you help me up?” Pride did not hinder her request; in fact, it did not even flavor it. There was no pride remaining.

    • I wouldn't consider it cryptic.Aerin Griffiths, Mon Jun 16 00:37
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      • You're probably just used to it by now.Amelia, Mon Jun 16 23:42
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        • Actually, it's been a while.Aerin, Wed Jun 18 00:17
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