And it's looking like I can stick around.
Tue Jun 3, 2014 10:18

Grace flipped through the pages, as though she could read sheet music, like it really fascinated her. She didn’t recognize much, except a few titles here and there. It had to be a book of Celtic songs; the few names she knew were from DVDs Hyana had watched religiously for about a week and a half during her first pregnancy. They were this women group and they sounded pretty and everything, but it was kind of boring, too. Hyana loved it, though. When her older sister couldn’t go in to work all that often (sometimes she got super lightheaded, which was Not Good for someone responsible for tiny human lives), she’d go through week long obsessions. They’d yet to figure out if those obsessions stuck with the baby after they were born.

Who knew? Maybe Adam would really love Celtic music later on.

“Oh, yeah,” Grace leaned over to look in the hat, “You’re doing really well. I’m surprised there are people out here at all.” It was either going to be humid for the rest of the day, or the sky was getting ready to break in half and pour. It was literally a coin flip at this point to determine which would happen.

“I could make it easier to carry, if you want.” She kept one finger on a page to mark her spot and kept on going through the book. The small girl glanced up at the sky. “I mean, it looks like you have enough to go get ice cream or iced coffee or iced something that you like.” It wasn’t a secret that her best friend was a picky eater. Sometimes, it seemed like his taste buds changed by the week.

She hid another finger inside the sheet music, just in case Logan wanted to stay here instead. She was in no rush. The apothecary didn’t go away just because of some iffy weather, and Grace wasn’t planning on doing anything else with her day. Plus, it’d be cool to have some time with Logan that didn’t involve school, just for a little bit.

  • Gee, it’s good to be together againLogan, Sun Jun 1 19:11
    Logan had gotten the same impression from everyone at home. Celeste, Lia, Hyana, all nine of the Mattingly brothers, even his parents… the message was unequivocal. You need to take care of Grace.... more
    • And it's looking like I can stick around. — Grace, Tue Jun 3 10:18
      • Best news I’ve had all dayLogan, Tue Jun 3 16:35
        Logan pulled the harp onto its back legs again and started to play Danny Boy , adding occasional ornamentation with his left hand. People liked the song—sometimes they cried, and when people felt all ... more
        • It's the simple things in lifeGrace, Tue Jun 3 20:20
          Grace hummed along with the familiar Danny Boy as Logan played. Her humming was less off key than her actual singing. It was sad, really. If Grace was anywhere close to decent, she and Logan could be ... more
          • Tis a gift to be simpleLogan, Fri Jun 6 19:37
            Logan spent most of his life being steered by women. When it wasn’t Celeste and Lia and Savannah in Boston and New York, it was Charline and Grace at RMI. Almost surprisingly, his mother was the... more
            • Tis a gift to be free?Grace, Sat Jun 7 22:59
              Grace patiently waited for the answer to her question. Sometimes, due to the sign language thing and the need for a free hand, their conversations had a slowness to them. It didn’t bother her, which... more
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