It's the simple things in life
Tue Jun 3, 2014 20:20

Grace hummed along with the familiar Danny Boy as Logan played. Her humming was less off key than her actual singing. It was sad, really. If Grace was anywhere close to decent, she and Logan could be a team on Pearl Street and make more money. People would pay for Logan’s talent and, well, Grace was both adorable and attractive in a weird sort of we’re-pretty-sure-that’s-not-a-child way. Alas, she couldn’t hold a tune even if she was carrying it in a bucket, so she and Logan would be poorer for it.

She hadn’t found a song she was dying for Logan to play. He was a super talented guy. Maybe he’d go to college for being a harpist. She wasn’t even sure that was a thing he could do. You could go to college for music and stuff, but she didn’t know about specifically being a harpist. But, hey, talent meant a future, so he had that going for him.

At the end of his song, both sixth years stole a glance at his collection. “Not bad at all,” she complimented. How long had he been there? Oh, whatever, it didn’t matter, as long as he agreed to spend some time with her. And she knew he would. Grace tended to get her way.

“There’s a place over here,” she nodded towards her right as she picked up his books, “It’s close to the shady apothecary, but it’s got the best salted caramel mocha ever.”

Grace had been keeping her caffeine intake to only when she purchased the coffee. It made her feel antsy a lot if she drank too much and she started thinking a lot about school and the IMPs and how all of her classmates in the 7th year were leaving her. It was weird. But if she had coffee only every so often, and didn’t drink it too fast, she was pretty okay.

Plus, it tasted delicious.

“Is it light enough? The harp, I mean.” Grace walked next to Logan, both the boy and the instrument towering slightly over her. “I can try to make it lighter. The people around here don’t notice anything magical.” She glanced over at him. “And why’d you come out here today? That’s what I’m really trying to ask by being overly worried about the harp you’re used to lifting. You’ve been gloomy and stuff.”

  • Best news I’ve had all dayLogan, Tue Jun 3 16:35
    Logan pulled the harp onto its back legs again and started to play Danny Boy , adding occasional ornamentation with his left hand. People liked the song—sometimes they cried, and when people felt all ... more
    • It's the simple things in life — Grace, Tue Jun 3 20:20
      • Tis a gift to be simpleLogan, Fri Jun 6 19:37
        Logan spent most of his life being steered by women. When it wasn’t Celeste and Lia and Savannah in Boston and New York, it was Charline and Grace at RMI. Almost surprisingly, his mother was the... more
        • Tis a gift to be free?Grace, Sat Jun 7 22:59
          Grace patiently waited for the answer to her question. Sometimes, due to the sign language thing and the need for a free hand, their conversations had a slowness to them. It didn’t bother her, which... more
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