Tis a gift to be simple
Fri Jun 6, 2014 19:37

Logan spent most of his life being steered by women. When it wasn’t Celeste and Lia and Savannah in Boston and New York, it was Charline and Grace at RMI. Almost surprisingly, his mother was the least likely of all the girls he knew to tell him what to do. He didn’t have many rules. “Don’t do anything stupid, be safe, and don’t get a tattoo without telling us,” she said when he went out.

(Going out mostly involved Lia, her friends, and the fake ID she’d given him. John was a heavyweight and resourceful even when impaired. Logan didn’t know how he kept track of all three of them at their clumsiest, but he got the impression that in a past life, John had been some kind of sheepdog.)

A coffeeshop with an amazing salted caramel mocha sounded perfect. (He assumed they could recreate the drink in frozen splendor. Logan couldn’t stand hot drinks, but he loved iced coffee.) Logan flashed a sign at Grace that roughly translated to “I’m game.” The ASL meaning was slightly more complicated, but Grace could get the gist with the amount of sign language she know. Logan had only ever dealt in Signed English, growing up, but he was picking up plenty of ASL expressions now that he was dating Savannah. Since Logan was neither deaf nor a hearing child of deaf parents, he’d have very little exposure to deaf culture growing up. It was remarkably different from anything he had any experience with.

For one thing, he didn’t get deaf music at all.

As they walked, he explained the feather-light charm Lia had placed. It was clever—on the harp case and not the harp, so he felt the familiar weight when he played and didn’t have to deal with a phantasmal instrument. Since the charm extended to the case’s contents, the sixth year did not have to feel like he was lugging twenty-some pounds of instrument around when he decided to go busking.

And why’d you come out here today? That’s what I’m really trying to ask by being overly worried about the harp you’re used to lifting. You’ve been gloomy and stuff.

Logan faltered and falsely busied his hands by separating the coins he had earned into different sections of his wallet. They were in line to order their coffees when he finally answered. “I haven’t heard from Savannah in three weeks. She usually writes more than that. Is that bad?” Grace, being a girl, might have some insight into this—and she was a little less biased that Charline. Logan got the feeling that despite having never met her, Charline disliked Savannah.

  • It's the simple things in lifeGrace, Tue Jun 3 20:20
    Grace hummed along with the familiar Danny Boy as Logan played. Her humming was less off key than her actual singing. It was sad, really. If Grace was anywhere close to decent, she and Logan could be ... more
    • Tis a gift to be simple — Logan, Fri Jun 6 19:37
      • Tis a gift to be free?Grace, Sat Jun 7 22:59
        Grace patiently waited for the answer to her question. Sometimes, due to the sign language thing and the need for a free hand, their conversations had a slowness to them. It didn’t bother her, which... more
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