Aerin Griffiths
I wouldn't consider it cryptic.
Mon Jun 16, 2014 00:37

Aerin had never thought she’d be glad to be a seventh year, but as she roamed Pearl Street with a confidence borne from familiarity, she realized that she was frankly feeling quite done with RMI. She hadn’t even volunteered for Orientation this term, unlike all the others, and found herself coming above ground more often than before, suddenly bored with what the school had to offer. To an extent, Aerin was glad she was feeling detached from RMI. Saying goodbye would be easier, and she would have an easier time fighting nostalgia in order to focus on her future. College was going to be amazing according to Matt, and Aerin had already begun preparing applications for a number of schools with strong Potions programs.

Still, aimlessly walking around Pearl Street was not how Aerin had pictured her final year at RMI being. It was true that a number of her good friends had graduated, and the school felt different now that she didn’t really know the younger students, but that only meant she was supposed to have a closer knit group of friends to hang out with. Instead, everyone seemed to be busy doing their own thing. Or maybe they’re just doing things without you. Aerin knew she was annoying, certainly. Zakir had told her that enough times, and it had been confirmed by others. But Aerin had always thought she was annoying in a good way, or at least that there were other aspects of her personality to make her annoyingness worth it. But then Amelia had turned her away.

Something had happened to Amelia the summer before last term, but Aerin had no idea what it could be. She’d asked and asked – they were best friends, roommates, there was no reason for secrets – and yet Amelia hadn’t budged. And then that niggling doubt came in: maybe it was her. Maybe Amelia told people what happened, but she didn’t want to tell her roommate because her roommate wouldn’t stop bugging her. Maybe, after so many years together, Amelia was tired of her. Bit by bit, Aerin gave up.

Looking back, it seemed silly, even traitorous to Aerin, that she’d stopped looking out for Amelia so easily. Amelia might have needed space, but not the amount Aerin had been giving her thus far. Matt had told Aerin some crazy stories over the summer about the entrenched politics of elite Pureblood families, and while Aerin refused to believe Amelia could be directly involved, it seemed possible that something could have happened to the Knights that would affect her. And if that was the case, then Aerin needed to be there for her friend. It was that simple for the Cetus. Yet despite knowing she ought to reach out to Amelia again, that niggling doubt remained and so Aerin continued to avoid her, afraid of upsetting her further.

With a sigh Aerin pulled out five dollars from her wallet and left it on the café table. The coffee had been terrible, but at least she’d whiled away some time by brooding. Homework called to her now, or if not homework, further work on her college applications. If she hurried back, she might get some time on the Pitch before dinner. Hands stuffed in her pockets, Aerin kept her eyes on the floor as she let her feet take over. A mere two minutes later she was sent reeling backwards as she collided with someone. Given her clumsiness, this happened to Aerin often enough that she had a ready apology on her lips before she’d even fully recovered. “I’m so sorry. That was totally my fault…” she started as she stuffed a few fallen items into her bag. The rest of her words fell away when she realized whom she’d bumped into.

“Amelia?” Aerin stumbled to her feet but didn’t make it in time to catch Amelia before she collapsed. Her friend seemed paper-thin these days, spouting meek words that fell away emptily. “I’m so sorry. That was my fault. Here. Let’s get you to that bench.” Aerin stretched out her hand and pulled Amelia up nigh effortlessly then helped her to a bench a few feet away. “I might have a bandage from the Infirmary on me. Let me just check.” Aerin began rummaging in her bag, firm in her belief that this was no chance collision; this was the universe telling her it was time to make things right.

  • Cryptic collisionAmelia Knight, Mon May 26 19:17
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    • I wouldn't consider it cryptic. — Aerin Griffiths, Mon Jun 16 00:37
      • You're probably just used to it by now.Amelia, Mon Jun 16 23:42
        It was the final blow: Amelia did not immediately recognize Aerin. It was only a glance, but this was supposed to be her best friend. Almost a year and a half of nervous, averted eyes and minimal,... more
        • Actually, it's been a while.Aerin, Wed Jun 18 00:17
          I really ought to clean up this bag more often. What had started out as an optimistic search had turned into a frustrating hunt of despair. Aerin knew she had a bandage from the infirmary in her bag. ... more
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