Actually, it's been a while.
Wed Jun 18, 2014 00:17

I really ought to clean up this bag more often. What had started out as an optimistic search had turned into a frustrating hunt of despair. Aerin knew she had a bandage from the infirmary in her bag. In fact, she probably had several – she liked to keep medical supplies on hand for the inevitable moments when she injured herself while going about her daily life. She was currently sporting a bruised knee and a slightly gashed shin, both hidden by her jeans, and both courtesy of a tree by the Pitch she had fallen out of a few days earlier. And yet, all she had to show from her search at this point was a growing pile of junk on the bench between her and Amelia. So far she had unearthed three broken quills, a Potions essay from second-year, candy wrappers, her old Chaser gloves, matches, a bouncy ball, five scrunchies, a compass, and a handful of rocks. She reached in again, fingers brushing against the cloth, only to feel a half-melted packet of gum stubbornly stuck to a corner. Gross. Yet as captivated as Aerin appeared to be by her bag, she did not fail to hear Amelia’s words of thanks.

“No worries,” came a muffled response. Whether Amelia would even be able to hear her was debatable as Aerin had moments earlier practically ducked her entire head into the bag. Can I get a lumos in here or what? Seriously. And then finally: “Found it!” Aerin pulled a crumpled bandage out and began flattening it against the bench. When her efforts proved futile she instead crouched on the ground and wrapped it around Amelia’s knee. “So this bandage has a bunch of spells on it and junk. It’ll help your muscles heal, keep the blood circulated, and I’m pretty sure it has a heating charm on it, too. I’ll grab some more when we get back and I can show you how to tie it then.” Aerin couldn’t help but puff out a bit in pride, happy to put her healing skills to use effectively on someone other than herself.

“I’m sorry!

Aerin flinched. She waited until Amelia finished talking, then slowly got up and shoved all of the junk from her bag further down the bench before sitting down heavily next to her friend. Aerin sighed. “Well. I mean. I haven’t been a good friend either. I knew something was wrong and all I did was bug you about it and then left you to deal with it by yourself.” The shame of her actions made Aerin’s ears burn. “And I’m really sorry about that. And you’re not awful. You’ve been going through a hard time. I just want to help you.” Aerin glanced at Amelia, and noticing the tears, reached for her bag again. “You know, I may have some tissues in here, too.”

  • You're probably just used to it by now.Amelia, Mon Jun 16 23:42
    It was the final blow: Amelia did not immediately recognize Aerin. It was only a glance, but this was supposed to be her best friend. Almost a year and a half of nervous, averted eyes and minimal,... more
    • Actually, it's been a while. — Aerin, Wed Jun 18 00:17
      • Amelia struggled within herself, wanting to interrupt Aerin's unnecessary apology but knowing how futile attempts to stop her talking could be. Aerin had done absolutely nothing wrong. Amelia planned ... more
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